Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Morning {a long overdue recap}

Being that I had my hands full with a certain busy toddler, I left the photography to my dad on Christmas morning... He captured some very fun moments with my family :)
{being that we've all been crazy-busy since then, I just got access to these photos this morning}

 Christmas Eve-- two very tired toddlers

Merry Christmas!!
It's officially Christmas morning, and Santa definitely stopped at Grammy and Paw-Paw's!

B entertained us a little while we waited to eat some yummy breakfast! :)

Opening presents with the kiddos was a looooong process... Like every other child on Christmas, they wanted to play with each gift immediately after it was opened. So, we opened most of the gifts ourselves...

Miles loves to line up his trucks in a perfectly straight line :)

B didn't waste any time playing with her Little People Zoo... Even while a tired Mommy and Aunt Man-Man tried to figure out how to put it together. We may have made it a little harder than it needed to be... :) 
Just a guess, but that probably won't be the last time that happens!

And that's the photo recap of our good ol' fashioned family Christmas!


Joeylee said...

Looks like you a great Christmas. Cute pictures

Natalie said...

Awww looks like Brynn had a great Christmas morning! said...

Great Christmas photos!! Such special memories with your little ones!

imsteelefullofscrap said...

Wow it made me take a second look at the lil boy in the rocking chair I have the same lil chair that Reese used to sit in and he sat just like that watching and they look very similar blonde hair and all and the BINK!!!
Glad you had a wonderful Christmas