Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pinspiration Wreath

Leftover burlap... Oh, what to do, what to do?
I had been debating this very subject when I saw- and fell in love with- this wreath that I found via Confessions of a Plate Addict!

So, of course, I Pinned it... Then got to work!

Well, "work" would be stretching  the truth, considering it only took me a total of 30 minutes or so to cut strips of burlap and shape a wire hanger...

Out of desperation, and lack of any Christmas ribbon on-hand, I added a pre-made bow and a glittery snowflake to make it a little more festive... However, I'm hoping to add a more decorative bow soon :)

{updated version}

I was so glad to have found a quick and easy replacement for my old wreath, which I had been loathing for a few weeks... It just didn't fit with my Christmas decorations, but I couldn't find anything that I liked well enough to change it.

Last night, after B was in bed, Allen and I sat down to watch a movie with all of the Christmas lights on... It was so nice to just relax and feel that Christmas warmth and anticipation!

Just one more week!!
{hopefully the train will be put up by then!}


Katie @ minivan diva said...

Not only do I love your wreath, but I love your door and the beams on your ceiling. Gorgeous!

Kara said...

Your wreath turned out great! Round 4 of the Pinterest Challenge starts January 2nd on my blog. You should submit your wreath.