Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fun at Grammy's House

They say that a cousin is a ready-made friend for life...
I can't be entirely sure about that, but watching these two together is so much fun!

As Brynn and I were walking down the sidewalk to visit Miles at Grammy's house, we could undoubtedly hear his squeals from a mile away when he saw us coming! It was quite the chore to get Brynn to focus on walking without falling once she heard him!! She was running, yelling "My-My!"- her name for Miles.

Here is a little video footage of the fun (aka chaos) at Grammy's house today!!
{please excuse my yelling}

Back-story: Grammy got a new car seat, and they thought the box was MUCH more exciting!
They both love any kind of "tunnel" or tent to play in...

Jingle Bells
Grammy's little composers :)

It's so funny to see Brynn become so animated and wild... She is usually pretty mellow and calm, but when she gets around Miles, a whole new enthusiasm comes out!! If you didn't notice from the videos, she would follow his lead wherever he decided to go!

We can't wait to celebrate Christmas with these two munchkins!


Kate said...

Both kids are getting SO BIG! How precious are they? They're so lucky to have each other just around the corner.

Natalie said...

Oh they look like they have tons of fun together! :)