Monday, August 1, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I found a new link-up that I thought I would try today! It's called "miscellany monday," hosted by the lovely Carissa...
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1. I love that as a first-time mommy {and before my child became mobile}, I swore to all of my friends that I would never let my appearance take a back-burner... And I hate that I woke up a couple of months ago and that is EXACTLY what happened :(
{my brother posted this on Facebook... Can you say untag?}

{Pre-Baby- Literally weeks before I got pregnant}
It's left me to wonder... Where do these other ladies find the time to stay gorgeous?!
I feel like I need a caffeine drip just to keep my house clean, make meals for myself and B, exercise Oz {and myself, thank goodness for our dog!}, and run around after her all day long, oh yes, and work- at my actual job- for 12 hours every week...  I just don't have the time and energy to do my hair and makeup on a daily basis. I will admit that most days, I barely get out of my sweats. Sad, but true.
So, I need tips {ASAP} from all of you moms that apparently have the superpower of keeping yourself beautiful every single day. Please and thank you.

To be continued after after B's bottle and playtime... {See, I can't even finish a blog post in one sitting}.

2. What in the world has happened to the family-friendly television shows that I grew up watching?
Shows like Full House, Family Ties, Family Matters, Home Improvement, Saved by the Bell, Hey Dude... You know what I'm talking about?

Shows that teach children manners and family values, and not just how to wear skimpy clothes and put other people down because they aren't "good" enough, for whatever reason. Where parents are actively involved in their kids' lives, and not just an ATM for when they want something else (that they don't really need)... I am appalled at some of the TV shows these days. I know it's all for the sake of entertainment, but when did entertainment become so negative and backwards? That kind of humor just isn't funny to me...
Thank goodness for Netflix through the Wii, or B wouldn't watch ANY television {EVER}.
I think I would watch Dora the Explorer and Word World forever if it meant that she wouldn't watch anything that uses profanity every-other-word, or that talks about sex and drugs until she was in college... That's how it was for me, and I was able to keep my tatas in my shirt and my booty in my shorts. Just sayin'.
I just hope that some day we can teach our daughters {and sons} to have a little more respect for themselves than some of these girls on television {AND in movies}.

3. It's August... Which is GREAT because it means that there is only about a month left of this heat... But where did the summer go? I feel like I've spent all summer indoors because it's been too hot to get outside! :( Booo!

4. As promised, I will share the story of B teaching herself how to meow like a kitty {it's short and sweet, I promise}... First off, B loves the kitty cats! She just thinks they hung the moon.
So, we walked out on my parents' deck to go for our evening golf-cart ride, when she saw our old orange tabby, Nike, sleeping peacefully in his "spot." As we walked by, we woke him from his peaceful slumber and he proceeded to give us a friendly meow-greeting. B had her eagle-eye on him the entire time, and she then proceeded to meow-greet him back! It was so sweet, I could have just cried right there! :)
Now, we can give her a little "meow," and she will "meow" back to us! I love it!

5. That's all I got this week... It's dinnertime! :)
Happy Monday to you all!


Natalie said...

You are TV is definitely not the same. And yes if you turn your head for a second those babies are into everything!

Paige said...

Hello! I think you still look pretty without the hair and makeup and a pretty baby on your lap! Maybe that's just me trying to make myself feel better about not doing my makeup anymore...ha!

Natalie said...

Hey did you know that your blog is set up on no-reply blogger? That means when you comment I can't reply to your lovely comments! I didn't know if you had it set that way on purpose but if you go to edit profile you can put an email address in there. If you don't want it to be a personal email, you can start a blog email like I did.