Monday, August 1, 2011

Double Digits!

Watch me grow, I'm 10 months old!

Our girl is officially in the double-digits... :(
Of course, it is only months, but I feel that it will be just a blink of an eye before I wake up and realize that she is double-digits in years!!

Without further adieu, here is our 10 month-old girl...

 {my favorite expression}

{our little climber}

And here is what Brynn has been up to this past month:

  • On your last doctor's visit (which happened to be your first ill-child visit), you had gained almost an entire pound! You weighed 16lbs 14oz at your 9-month visit, and 2 1/2 weeks later-- you weighed in at 17lbs 9oz!
  • You also measured 28 inches, which is in the 65th percentile! You are going to be a tall girl, but since Daddy is 6'3, and Mommy is 5'8, this is no surprise... :)
  • You have a total of 3 teeth so far, but I fear that we are on the verge of breaking a few more in the next couple of weeks! I am just loving your little grin now, with your little pair of bottom teeth shining against your little gummies! SO adorable!
  • You are still sleeping very well through the night (usually 11-12 hours), but we've had the occasional hiccup since you are cutting more teeth... You just want someone to cuddle and rock with you.
  • Your bedtime "essentials" are your Nunny and your thumb... Pressing your Nunny against your cheek is like a magic wand-- You will immediately close your eyes and go to sleep when you feel your fuzzy little friend!
  • It is such a challenge to give you your bottles anymore... You are eager to take it at first, then you realize quickly that you are "missing out" on all of the action going on around you. So, Mommy must force you to take the rest (usually while you are sitting up).
  • You are eating 3 solid meals every day. You are so eager to feed yourself!! This is just one of the many reasons we call you "Miss Independent."
  • You have learned to wave to say "Hi" and "Bye." I love that you wave to everyone to greet them! So sweet!
  • "Bye-bye" was your first official word, but since then you have learned to say "Da-Da," (which Daddy loves, especially when we call and leave him messages on his cell), and you have taught yourself how to "meow" like Grammy's kitty cats. Funny story, which I will share later!
  • You are learning so quickly!! You are like a little bird who repeats every thing I say. Even if you can't really say the actual word, you will copy my tone. It's so sweet to watch you mimic me! :) If I say "Hi" to someone, you will mimic my exact tone and wave... Too cute!
  • You are crawling everywhere, and you are getting around so much more quickly these days! :) You are pulling yourself up on everything too. You have even taught yourself to go back and forth from the couch to the coffee table, while standing!! It's so funny to watch you practice this... You are such a dare-devil!
  • You are the "Kissing Queen," and you will give kisses to almost anyone who offers their lips!! I'm not sure how I feel about this (let alone how Daddy feels), but we just love watching how sweet you are with everyone!
  • You are such a Tinker! You are constantly "tinkering" with things to figure out how they work or what they can do... You get this from your Daddy, because he is the same way! :)
  • You love Dora the Explorer and Word World. You will clap through the entire theme songs, and you just can't contain your excitement to see your cartoon friends...
I can't believe that in two short months, we will be celebrating your 1st birthday!
Every day, Daddy and I always talk about how we can't believe how lucky we are to have you...
You are our greatest blessing, and we thank God every single day for our beautiful, sweet little girl!
We love you, Brynnie.


Natalie said...

Happy 10 months to your precious little girl! She's getting so big! We're heading to our next doctor visit next week so I'm very interested to see how tall he is! I love all her climbing pics! :)

Kate said...

Your TV today comment is so true. I just posted about an interesting article I read about how to talk to girls to show them their mind is more important than their looks. Check it out if you find the time...