Friday, July 1, 2011

Watch Me Grow, I'm 9 Months Old!

I can't believe how time flies...
B is 9 months old today!

 {110% Daddy}

{our happy girl}

We started out with pictures at home, but decided to go to the park to finish up!
We had so much fun... But I couldn't get her to look at me in any of the shots!
She was a little distracted...

 {she loved the fountain!}

Brynn, I tell Daddy every day how much fun you are...
You are way too smart, and you have the best sense of humor!
You make being your mommy such a joy!

You are growing up way too fast... 
You are such a daredevil! You will try anything and everything without the slightest hint of fear...
You pull yourself up (or attempt) to stand on every pillow, piece of furniture, and laundry basket you come across! You are such an explorer...
You have no desire to modify your "army-crawl," because you can get around so quickly-- even though I know you could crawl on your knees if you wanted to!
You have learned to clap your hands when we say "Yea!" and clap with you. SO. MUCH. FUN.
We laugh together at the silliest things! I love our little giggle sessions!
As for your growth...
You are wearing size 3 diapers already, which is not really surprising since you have really filled out!
Your 9-month appointment is in 5 days, and I'm excited to see your weight in a higher percentile than last time... Cross your fingers!
Your first tooth is coming in fast, but you have been such a champ! Hardly any fussing and no fevers yet... You did have some major diaper rash for the first time (which I can't help but correlate with your teething, since we've never had problems before), but it's almost completely gone thanks to "free-stylin'" in the living room almost every day this week! :)
{Mommy has the Tylenol and Oragel on emergency stand-by, just in case}
You are such a great sleeper! Usually 11-12 hours every night...
You are NOT a morning person {just like Mommy}, and you always want to go right back to sleep after your morning bottle... I blame it on the night-shift belly hours we were on for 9 months while Mommy worked at the hospital!
You are eating 3 solid meals each day, but you can be a little uncooperative with spoon feedings... You just can't wait to get to your Mum-Mum or Earth's Best teething biscuit, or Puffs after you finish!
You usually eat fruits with whole-milk yogurt for breakfast, veggies/grains for lunch, and protein/veggies for dinner!
We still make most of your food, except for the meat blends... We use Earth's Best for that, and you love them!
You are a PRO with your sippy cups and your finger foods! A lot of times, I will feed you chunks of steamed potatoes or veggies off of my own plate! It's so crazy how fast you have caught on to eating normal foods!
You are taking 4 bottles each day, usually 6-7 ounces... Sometimes, it's a struggle to get you to take your bottles because you would rather be doing something more "grown-up."
You are so happy... You just love to laugh and smile, and it makes me and Daddy SO happy!
You make the funniest noises sometimes-- you are like your Daddy in that way! :)
You are such a busy girl, but I am starting to adjust to letting you explore on your own... Mommy has a hard time watching you do things, like pull all of the clean (and folded) laundry out of the laundry baskets and get into things that you're not supposed to-- But I just tell myself that you are learning, and NO amount of work on my part could make that mean less!
You are such a chatter box! We are still working on "da-das" and "ma-mas," but you are really starting to catch on!
I LOVE when you are mid-exploring, and you stop and sit up to "sing"... You bounce your little head and just sing "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba!" A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
You are obsessed with Ozzie... He is the first thing you look for when you get out of your crib! You would scale small buildings to be able to play with his ears and pet him. Sometimes we just sit in the recliner with him and pet his fur, and you LOVE it! You get a little rough, but you always try to copy Mommy. It melts my heart!
You are such a little swimmer! You love baths and the pool... You are already sticking your face in the water and blowing bubbles! {Sometimes you inhale a little water, but you're a good sport}!
You give the best hugs, and you have started giving kisses when prompted... ;) So sweet!

Oh, Brynn... I don't know how we ever lived without you!
We are so lucky that you are our first baby because you have made things very easy on us {so far}!
We love you and can't wait to see what else you have in store for us...

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