Sunday, May 1, 2011


Flooding... Again... Ugh!

This is something that I grew up dealing with. I grew up living a block away from the Wabash.
So, I am no stranger to dealing with flooding. It happens every year.
Yet, this year we are expecting record flooding... Go figure!

Part of New Harmony is already under water... And it's still raining outside!
The National Guard was called in about a week ago to start sandbagging, and they are still here!
HERE is a video of a recent newscast on the flooding.

Hopefully, it will "crest" on Wednesday, as planned...
If not, we could have some issues in the next week!
My only relief is that we live in a two-story home now.
This week, we also have some fun events coming up!
My parents are hosting a Kentucky Derby party at their house, 
so we are getting our Derby gear ready!
My grandparents used to throw a Derby party every year at their (now our) house!
I am excited to help carry on the tradition!

This weekend we will also be celebrating my very first Mother's Day! :)
AND, the movie Something Borrowed comes out on Friday (one of my favorite books-- if you haven't read it, you should)! I'm hoping that we can have a date night soon so that we can see it!!

To all of you new mommies out there! Congrats on your first Mother's Day too!
I hope you enjoy your day with your little blessing! :)

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