Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flooding... In Our Basement... Fabulous!

Never to be left out... 

I arrived home from my first day at work today and was told that almost everyone is having water issues in their basement. So, of course, I went to our cellar to check it out.

What was a damp brick floor just last night was covered with about 3-4inches of water!!
So, I decided to check out the status of the river to see how bad the flooding was getting.
I didn't have to go far... I went down to my parents' house to check on Brynn, since I had not had a chance to see her all day... And I could see the river from their front yard!
It's already higher than I have ever seen it, and it's not supposed to "crest" now until Saturday-- when we will get more rain!!
 View from my parents' front yard
 Double-pumping at my parents'

 Two houses away from my parents...

 The levee
Our new best friend... The sump pump!
Thanks Adam and Dave!! :)

Speaking of our new best friend, the sump pump...
Oz-- yeah, he's not so fond of it!

Before I shot this video footage, I walked in to find him barking at the blue hose!
I've since lined up laundry baskets in front of the cellar door so that he doesn't try to jump down there (as he seems to want to do, for some reason)... He's just our curious little JRT!
And, YES, a treat is the ultimate distraction technique!

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