Monday, May 30, 2011

A Few Firsts for B!

This weekend, B attended her first wedding, spent a night away from mom and dad for the very first time, and had her first swim adventure (with cousins Sophie and Miles!)...
We all had an amazing weekend together! We spent some quality time with everyone, and soaked up a little Vitamin D! :) Here are a few iPhone photos...

With Daddy in her pretty dress!

Photos with Mommy are always a challenge... :)
Daddy always catches "the scowl."

B's first dip in the pool!! She loved it!! :)

Our little strawberry princess!

Sunscreen + Water + Hair = CRAZY 'do
Miles had so much fun, but he got a little upset when it was time to leave...
No worries, though.
He said "Bye-bye" to the pool, and promised to visit it again soon! :)

B found out that swimming is hard work...

 There were a few casualties of the weekend, though...
 One (of many) that I found humorous was Uncle Aaron's back after a day at the pool! :)

Oh, and B showed off her new "dancing" skills!

 I don't know how I ended up so blessed to have my husband, daughter, and family... But I felt like one of the luckiest people in the world this weekend! :)

I truly appreciate each and every thing that God has given me... 
Including the ability to notice the fact that this weekend was not about me or my family!
This weekend was about all of the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can all have the life that we do!

I recently read about a widow of an American soldier who started a support group for women who have lost their husbands in combat. The American Widow Project is such an amazing blessing for these families... 
I admire Taryn Davis so much for her courage and motivation to give more to the families who have paid the price by losing the ones they love the most! 

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