Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brynn's Blessed Baptism

We finally celebrated Brynn's baptism today...
And it was only about 7 months overdue!

There has been so much preparation for all of the food, etc, that neither Allen or I have really had a chance to relax in the last 24 hours. However, we were so happy to be able to enjoy the time with our families today!! Here are some photos from the event...

 Our happy {and inquisitive} little girl :)

 Giving Deacon Tom her infamous scowl... It's her new favorite "look!" :)
 {She has a little 'tude, what can I say?}

 Mommy and Brynnie

 Miles-Man took a little nap after Mass... Aunt Amanda was happy to offer her shoulder :)

 We are so grateful that most of our family was able to celebrate with us! :)

Brynn was so easy-going through everything!
We were so proud of her! :) 
 Officially baptized! Hallelujah!

 Godparents, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Kate, lighting the candle.

Group photo!
 B with Godmother Kate!

 B with Godfather Andrew!

 With Grandma and Grandpa Wilson

 With Grandma and Grandpa Weinzapfel

 With Great-Grandma and Grandpa Alsop

 ... And Miles was still sleeping! :)

After the baptism, we drove (a whole 2 blocks) back to our house for a little party!

 Dessert table
Aunt Kate made the cake and it was yummy!! :)

 Pink lemonade!

 Great food, great family, great fun! :)

As for the cake pops, well... They actually turned out much better than I anticipated!
I used the recipe from Bakerella, and I followed these great step-by-step instructions from Little Miss Momma!
 The pink pops are red velvet and cream cheese, and the white are strawberry!
I'll be honest and say that it took quite a lot of time to get them done, but they were also a ton of fun-- and absolutely delicious... I decided to put the pearl crosses on them, but that became a little (a LOT) tedious! Overall, I don't know that I would do them again unless I had a lot of free time and thought it was really worth it!

I hope you enjoyed the photos of Brynn's special day! Allen and I feel truly blessed that we have such wonderful families that get together to celebrate occasions like this!
 Brynn also received some special gifts, and we are so thankful for the amazing people in her life! Thank you all so much!

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Roz said...

Absolutely beautiful Emi! :) It looks like it was an amazing, blessed day. So glad the day turned out great! Love and miss you!