Thursday, April 7, 2011

My First Sippy Cup

Brynn is growing so fast!
Well, not really "growing"... Just developing! Ha!
We went to our new pediatrician yesterday, where we got all of her 6 month stats, and she received her boosters :( Poor baby!
{By the way, thanks for all of the referrals for Dr. Marx... We love her!}
She is weighing in at 13.5 lbs (5th percentile), and she's 25.5 inches long (22nd percentile).
And just like Dr. Koepke, Dr. Marx referred to her as "petite."
I'm beginning to really dislike that word...

I'll admit that I sort of (internally) freaked out when I saw the "5" in the percentile place...
I know I shouldn't feel so horrible about it, because I know she eats like a little piggy every day, but given my former occupation, I can't help but fixate on the number!!
She's always been in the 10th percentile, which is bad enough... 
But I wasn't expecting the 5th!!
Of course, she didn't sit still the entire time Dr. Marx was trying to assess her... And Dr. Marx even made the comment that she burns all of her calories because she's so active!
Who knows? I guess all that really matters is that she's happy and, essentially, healthy!!

Yes, that's right, Miss Brynn has her very first "cold," (runny nose, congestion, etc), which has been a blessing and a burden! I'm not one of those crazy moms that thinks her child should never get sick... But it really stinks to watch her be so miserable and fussy.
She really hates it when "Mommy RT" busts out the saline and suction! :) Oh yeah! Mommy has a high-powered suction device... Couldn't live without it! It's just like being at work again...

So, I decided to try out her first sippy cup with some water in it to keep her from getting dehydrated... 
The good news is, she LOVED it!

 (I swear that I just wiped her nose...)

The bad news is, she would rather use it on her little gums than actually drink the water! Ha!
Oh well, I'm sure she'll get the picture eventually!

As for the rehabbing process... I am finally starting a few projects on the house!
We are going to start on the backyard this weekend...
And after a little elbow grease, I removed the first shutter for my summer project!

 I pulled this one off the back of the house, just in case we ran into problems trying to get it back on to the house after I give it a little love. So essentially, it's just a little taste of how difficult the rest of them are going to be!! :)

With this one, I think a little date with the pressure washer and some Rust Oleum should do the trick! I was just going to paint them white (the original color), but I was wondering if I should do a bolder color? Any suggestions?
Wish me luck!

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