Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Project with Chalkboard Paint!

Allen has been gone on a business trip since Monday (and won't be back until Thursday night), 
 and since then, I have found myself to be very bored after Brynn goes to bed...

So tonight- after I did a little cleaning- I decided to put some of our new photos into frames!!

I was looking at a particular frame and found myself wondering how I could use it...

 Then I realized that I really couldn't use it with the current matting...
(I made this for Allen's office when he got his first job many years ago)

... So I moved on to deciding which one of our old frames I could use for the 
photo of us on the day we moved back home...

Then BLAM! I was hit with a bright idea!

I realized, "Hey, I could just paint the matting with CHALKBOARD PAINT!"

I will post photos of the finished product as soon as it dries and I add the finishing touches!
I think I'm going to put "Our 1st Home" on it.
It's like having a brand new frame for $0.

I have learned many things since I joined the blogging world almost a year ago... 
But one of the most important is--  just because something may appear to be useless, doesn't make it so! With a little thought and some elbow grease, you can turn many "old" things into something beautiful again! :)

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