Monday, December 13, 2010

Tummy Time Success!

For those of you who had a baby that loved tummy time, I envy you. My child despised it. After weeks and weeks of trying to get Brynn to do tummy time cooperatively, without much success, we finally hit a breaking point today!! 
I cannot even begin to describe the type of crying and screaming that Brynn would do when I put her on her tummy!! She would cry so hard that I would swear that she was in pain. And this wasn't after a minute or two on her tummy, this was immediately after I rolled her over! She hated it... And I swear she resented me for making her do it (I know that won't be the last time, either). I tried everything, from using the Boppy, to putting her on my stomach... To making a complete and total fool out of myself trying to distract her (or entertain her)!! Nothing worked. I was so worried that she wasn't getting the exercise that she needed.
But today, I'm proud to say that she proved Mommy wrong-- and stayed that way long enough for me to grab the camera and get some very adorable shots of her success!!

 HI MOM! (first picture-- she was all smiles!)

 Taking a quick break... So adorable!

Maybe this is more fun than I thought... ;)

 My Funny Face Girl

 Are we done yet?

Another adventure we've had recently was trying to find a pair of dress shoes (which are reasonably-priced) for Brynn's Christmas dress... I wish someone had told me that finding a pair of inexpensive crib shoes needed a prayer and a miracle!! If I wanted to spend $25 on a pair of shoes that she will wear one time in her life, I could have had the pick of the litter!! Really?? $25 for a pair of teeny tiny dress shoes? I would pay that for myself, no problem...  But for a 2 month old?! That is insane... But I finally found a pair at Payless for $9.99. So, of course, I drove there right away, and they didn't have her size!! The cashier was nice enough to print out a list of all the stores that did have her size-- and they ALL only had one pair left. So Mommy got to drive down I-65 in a snow storm to go claim a pair of infant shoes for my daughter! If that isn't sacrifice, I don't know what is!! :)
 Brynn's 1st Dress Shoes

Here is my little angel waking up from a nap. She has really been so great with working out her own schedule, and she is also getting used to her crib! When this shot was taken, she was just laying in there, bright-eyed and cooing! I love it when she wakes up like that! 
I heard her on the monitor and went to grab my camera. As soon as she sees my face over the crib rail, she just smiles! LOVE! :)

Well, only two more weeks until Christmas... I hope I can get some gifts wrapped and packing done before I go back to work next week!! Wish me luck!

**UPDATE: I just wanted to share this picture that Jenna posted of Miles (taken with her new SLR camera)... So adorable, but so sad at the same time :( He isn't a baby anymore... He's a little boy.

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels

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