Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Cards Past and Present

I just finished this year's Christmas card, which I am very excited about! :) We didn't send out a card last year (we actually took a photo, but I just posted it on Facebook instead), so I wanted to do it right this time around, since we have a new addition! I went to because I was so happy with them the last time we used them (in 2007)! They are a little expensive, but their cards are a-mazing... Allen says that's the story of my life-- justifying the expensive purchases I make. I told him that he had 4 years to realize this BEFORE he married me! Hehe!
Here are some of our past Christmas card pictures...


(Oz is never very cooperative... *sigh*)
 As much as I'm dying to post this year's Christmas card, I can't do that yet... Brynn was about as cooperative as a 2 month-old can get. As a matter of fact, Ozzie was more cooperative than Brynn! HA! Her facial expressions read like, "Really, Mom... Really?"
Here are some photos we shot after we wrapped up the group session!

 Our Pretty Princess :)

 Brynn's Christening Bracelet
(I made it myself...)
 One of Brynn's fabulous facial expressions!
Daddy is so proud of her no matter what... She can do no wrong! :)

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels

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