Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome To The World Of Food Allergies...

Being a new mom can be exhausting... That's no secret! I thought Brynn might be a little more fussy than the average baby, but I assumed that was just her "personality" shining through! In the last few weeks though, it has seemed to maybe be something more... And then we came down to New Harmony.
Since we've arrived, my diet has completely changed, as it usually does when we enter the "Dirty South." In Indy, I eat mostly organic, and mostly fruits and veggies, chicken, fish, and oatmeal... In New Harmony, I'm at the mercy of my parents' and in-laws' diets-- which is usually red meat and A LOT of sweets! Anyone that knows me well knows that I will NEVER, ever turn down a dessert, or any display of candy within a mile... So, I have been chowing down on my mom's assortment of candies, which include but are not limited to peanut-M&Ms and peanuts and candy corn mix. (I don't usually indulge on peanuts at all)
Since our arrival here, I have also seen a gradual change in Brynn's dirties... Then yesterday, there was a drastic change. And today, I saw spots of blood--- I just about came unglued!! Naturally, my mind immediately drifted to GI issues that I've seen at work-- and after picturing myself as a Riley-parent, I started to panic a little more!
Then, (surprise, surprise) I Googled it!
For future information, green and bloody stools is code for "FOOD ALLERGY" in the majority of cases... So I'll be cutting out all dairy, nuts and soy until we go to see Dr. Koepke next week, even though I'm pretty sure it's peanuts.
Until then, this Mama is eating her cheeseburger minus the cheese (which is tonight's dinner)...

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels

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Kasey said...

In case you didn't panic enough, I had a mini-panic attack while reading that. I need to get up there to see that little angel!