Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Like A Rock... Ooooo Like A Rock!"

I know that it was Chevy who created the ad campaign "Like A Rock", but I have to say that our Toyota Camry was just that this evening. On our way home from lamaze class tonight, we ran into a little trouble at one of the stop lights on US-31... Allen was unfortunately involved in a car accident-- our very first accident since we moved to Indianapolis over 5 years ago. I was actually behind the car that hit him, so I witnessed the whole thing. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Just your typical situation of someone not paying close enough attention when traffic was pretty intense! North-side traffic is such a joy!

Allen is such a great driver and I know he's pretty bummed out that we have to deal with all of this right before Brynn is born...
It does makes me feel a lot better seeing for myself how sturdy the Camry is, though! Remind me to invest in some Toyota stock! ;)

It doesn't look so horrible-- like it could have been a little "love-tap"-- until I tell you that the other guy's brand new VW Jetta had to be towed from the scene... He had major front-end damage and Allen's bumper barely has a dent! Whew! Such a relief that no one was hurt!

So I know that I've been a little "photo-happy" since I got my new camera... But I just wanted to share some pictures of Brynn's closet since it is well on it's way to being packed to the brim! ;) There will be no problem finding an outfit for her to wear until after she's 9 months old!!

Her blessing ring is already full... I couldn't fit another card on it -- and believe me, I've tried! Her bow holder is almost completely consumed too!! :)

Well, hopefully things will start to calm down a little in the next 8 weeks before D-Day!! :)

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels

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