Monday, August 16, 2010

33 Weeks... 50 Days To Go!

We had our doctor's appointment today... Dr. Flora says everything looks great!! She told us that she will be able to make a good prediction of Brynn's birth weight at our next appointment-- after this last growth spurt. Right now, she is anticipating she will be "just under 7lbs," which honestly doesn't break my heart at all!! :) I can't believe I'm going to be 35 weeks at our next appointment... That is just insane to think about! I will be packing my bag for the hospital by then!

33 Weeks

 I've reached that point in my pregnancy where I'm feeling HUGE-- morning, noon, and night! Sleep has become a luxury these days... Which I must say has been a great prep for what is to come after she is born. Only 7 weeks to go!! Her nursery is ready and waiting for her... I will post some new pictures tomorrow.

Here are a few pictures of Oz checking things out and trying to get used to all of the new additions to the house... And also used to the fact that it isn't "his" toy to play with-- It's off-limits, except for sniffing of course! Hopefully that will be our biggest battle with him.

No worries-- It hasn't been washed yet! :)

We just need a few more things under Daddy's newest list-- "Things To Have Ready Before Brynn" and we will be set. Allen is really into making lists these days!! He is super-duper organized!! Haha! The other day, he HAD to go out to buy her monitor system! He just could not go another day without her monitor... It was adorable! So, of course, it is set up and ready for her. I just can't wait to see him hold her for the first time! :)

Tomorrow, Grandma and Grandpa Wilson are driving up to bring all of the things from the showers that we couldn't fit into the 4Runner! We are so excited! Hopefully I will get a chance to post some pictures of their visit after lamaze classes.

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels

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