Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lucas | 3 Months

I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that it's been 3 months since our guy was born... I feel like we're traveling at warp speed these days! Yet, it's so great to be able to enjoy every moment possible of this stage with both of our babies. Brynn is growing up just as quickly, and I'm definitely cherishing all of the time I get to spend with them, both separately and together.

Although, I am officially a licensed respiratory therapist in the state of Florida - as of last week - there are definitely parts of me that don't know how I would leave this stay-at-home gig. I always tell people, when they might ask, that staying at home is about a million times harder than what I was doing before I became a mom. Which was, literally, running around a hospital on most nights. Tip-toeing around tiny babies on any and every kind of life support imaginable - ECMO, PRISMA, etc, etc, etc. Chest compressions and intubations galore... Now, if that isn't a high-stress job, I don't know what is! But I will tell you that the job I do now is ten times more difficult to stay on top of the game, and minus all of the glory - or at least the feelings of success. Most days, the laundry doesn't get finished. I am still in my pajamas or lounge wear, minus makeup, covered in spit up, helping Brynn overcome this regression issue, making not-so-gourmet meals that consist mostly of peanut butter sandwiches with a side of raisins, trying to take on at-home preschool while nursing the baby, and begging for a potty break! It's pure insanity, but I love every minute of it... It challenges me in ways that I never thought possible, but also in ways that are very fulfilling.

I honestly just want to bottle up every ounce of this stage and store it away so that I can drink it all up again in about 5 years... When both of my babies are in school, and I am most likely back to work. I will certainly miss these days.

... and this sweet little 3 month-old face! GAH!

 *special note to family: If you would like any of these in print, please let me know which photo and what size print. I will ship them as soon as I get your requests and have them printed. thanks!

Height & Weight: L won't have another well-baby visit until his 4th month, so we don't really have "official" stats. But I think it's safe to say that he's eating well...
 I mean, look at these little chunkers!

Sleep: This little stinker is a great sleeper. He is quite adamant about his bedtime being between 7:00 and 7:30pm. If we don't have his bath fired up and ready to go by then, he is not afraid to voice his disappointment. He does not tolerate "stalling" techniques either... He sees right through them, and finds them entirely unnecessary. Yep, he's definitely an early-to-bed kinda guy... And who could blame him? Once he gets in his last nursing session before bed, he is usually OUT until 4:00am. Then, he will nurse just enough, and pass out again until about 7:30-8am. Very rarely does he wake for more than one feeding at night. This has been going on for well over a month, so we consider ourselves very, very lucky... 

Diet: Still nursing like a champ. It is his only soother too, not matter how much I try to push the paci or bounce him, or sling him. He is very persistent about nursing himself to sleep. Most days, I don't have the time to fight the good fight, so he gets his way... It's a battle that we are trying to find a strategy to fight right now. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Clothes: I feel like we just started putting the 3-6 month clothes on him last week, and he's already running out of room in them! We are flying back to Indiana in April for his baptism (more specifically, after Mass on Easter Sunday- so that all of our family can be there), and I'm a nervous wreck trying to prepare an outfit for him to wear... He's just growing too fast!!

Lucas' Likes: He's a big fan of bath time. He still enjoys being swaddled while he's sleeping. He adores his Daddy. When we call Allen on speaker phone, L always recognizes his voice, and his reaction is pretty much the sweetest thing you can imagine... I know it sounds crazy, but he also loves to Skype and Facetime. He was talking up a storm to Grammy and Pawpaw the other night! Lastly, he is pretty much obsessed with his sister. He loves to watch her, and is usually the rather captured audience during all of her ballet performances.

Dislikes: This guy HATES his car seat. Like, screaming so hard that he starts "croakin' " - as his big sister so delicately puts it. "He's croakin', Mommy! He's croakin'!!"  (which gives Mommy a mild heart attack)... We have found it necessary to buckle him in and "swing" him to sleep in it before we even leave the house. Otherwise, it isn't pretty. He's also still not a fan of his pacifier. As stated earlier, I have been trying to push it pretty hard in the last month, and he wants nothing to do with it. He does suck on his thumb/fist occasionally, but he refuses the paci almost always.


Comparison to Big Sis:
Brynn at 3 months. I don't really have stats for her, so we'll just have to compare photos.

I think someone is going to end up with daddy's hazel beauties...

What we've learned this month: We've learned that traveling for more than 20 minutes in the car is no bueno for Lucas. We've also learned that family activities take some pretty extensive and strategic planning... Flying to Indiana in April should be very interesting.

What we're enjoying right now: Oh, the giggles and the grins. He is such a happy and laid back guy. He is constantly reminding me of his daddy in a new way. I love that about him.

Our biggest struggles: Getting used to the car seat, finding a alternative-soother for sleeping besides nursing, and planning for activities and trips with a rambunctious 3 year-old and a 3 month-old. Also, teaching Brynn to use her "inside" or "quiet" voices in the house during naps... I don't know what it is about 3 year-olds, but pretty much everything she says comes close to the decibel range of a dog whistle. I say close because we all still manage to hear it.

L's most exciting milestones: Talking and communicating with us. He is expressing his likes and dislikes in very obvious ways, and he loves to just chatter and smile.

What we're looking forward to: Pretty much everything... We're excited to travel back to Indiana in April, and introduce him to our family and friends there. I'm excited to watch him become more expressive, and to watch his sweet relationship with Brynn develop.

As I did with Brynn, I am keeping the tradition of "videos" every 3 months.

Happy 3 Months, Lucas! 
We love you so very much. You are the miracle that we never knew to ask for. You are our little surprise that we couldn't imagine a day without. It is such a blessing to watch you grow, sweet boy...


Katie said...

What a sweet boy!! LOVE the video. You always do such a great job with those and find the best songs!

Breanna said...

These are amazing pictures! He is SO sweet...what a handsome little fella! :) It's amazing how fast it goes, isn't it? :(

Leah Hasson said...

Such a beautiful video!! You captured so many special moments! Ari says cute baby!