Friday, June 14, 2013


Just wanted to share a few of my favorite INSTAs from the past few weeks...

 Painting is a fave around here...

Enjoying our DIY water table, while it lasted. RIP.

Making new friends on the beach.

a look back at 17 1/2 weeks... it already feels like so long ago!

Going on a lizard walk... I guess that's just our version of a bear hunt ;)

Yeah... He didn't make it. :( Poor little guy. Oz Dog is the ultimate lizard hunter.
I'm pretty sure he was born to live in Florida. ;) Our lanai is a barren lizard desert.

Getting her little momma on.

This is B experiencing her very first Tropical Storm. 
Andrea sure was fun for us, but not for many others...  We were very lucky.

18 week bump.

How we start virtually every morning... These two are so funny to watch!

 Teaching Brynn to "trace"... Oz was unanimously selected as the subject.

Two lives officially converge | B experienced baby sib's kicks for the very first time on 6/13/13
I think she was equally excited and freaked out... She won't come near the belly again.

Nothing beats a good Publix run... Or a car cart with flames.

Celebrating Oz Dog's 9th birthday. Love him!

This little one is not like Big Sis... They are already in constant motion!
We are officially 20 weeks this coming Sunday, 
and we find out the gender bright & early Monday morning! :)
We are so excited to be making a gender reveal video to share with everyone in the coming weeks!

B, using her toddler creativity to "paint" the screens.
I love watching her come up with her own, mess-free play ideas! :)

Thanks for stopping by! I know my posts are few and far between these days,
but I do have a slight addiction to Instagram. You can feel free to follow along there! xoxo


Courtney said...

Love the bump pics!

Can't wait to find out what you are having! Exciting!

Work it Mommy said...

I have a feeling our daughters would get along great, both seem to enjoy painting and Dora the Explorer :) I found your blog through InstaFriday link up.
Whitney @