Friday, December 14, 2012

Breakfast with the Sugarplum Fairy

i know i've been slacking a lot with blogging lately...
the truth is, we've been soooo very busy!
obviously, big plans take a lot of preparation and stress... ;)
right now, there are just too many things going on... i've been a little frazzled and distracted.
so, my apologies to you all for the lack of comments and email responses...

today, i just wanted to share our experience at Breakfast with the Sugarplum Fairy...
B had a blast... She loves dancing, music, and she always has a huge sweet-tooth,
so- of course- this was her little slice of heaven.

 after we sat down at our table, B made it her duty
to point out every single cookie and cupcake on it, (and proceeded to beg us for a sample).
this is when we decided that it was probably time to start exploring the room.
it was a little bit of a madhouse, 
but it was so fun to see everyone caught up in the cheery holiday atmosphere. :)
we even got a chance to catch up with people we haven't seen in a very long time!

B fell in love with a stuffed kitty at their little shop,
and mommy fell in love with a pretty vintage wooden ornament...
so, they both came home with us. :)

... and I'm pretty sure B would have gone home with this little girl.
B thought she was her new best friend...  sister just wouldn't stop hugging her.

 ... this is the part where B got over her "shock" and started acting more like her toddler self.
let me put it this way... there was a horse.
she just loved to pet his nose, and of course, 
she totally thought she could just hop on for a ride.
(in large part because grammy & pawpaw have a ride-on horse at their house)
when mommy & daddy told her she wasn't allowed to ride this horse,
she started to have a little meltdown, so we moved on to another location...
where there happened to be a row of ducks.

this girl makes no secret of her love for animals,
so we attempted to take a few photos to distract her from their presence.
... needless to say, it didn't work very well. ;)

         silly, silly girl

soon after, we went back to our table to enjoy a wonderful french toast breakfast...
where we eventually enjoyed watching the evansville ballet
perform a few pieces from the nutcracker.
B was in love with the ballerinas. i mean, totally enamored.
... she was still talking about the "mouse" (aka the Rat King) and "princess" for hours after we left.

we all definitely enjoyed ourselves...
and we certainly wish we could come back next year and make it a holiday tradition. :(

... i'm sure this girl would be more than happy to try to eat her weight in cookies again. ;)

what are some of your favorite holiday events in your area? 
do you have breakfast with santa or any other child-focused events 
that you really enjoy taking the kids to?


Kristen said...

That is SO cool! Heck, I want to do it! I've always loved going to see The Nutcracker. It's something my Mom try and do whenever we can.

Katie said...

Adorable! So glad you guys had such a wonderful time:) It definitely seemed like it was right up B's alley!

Natalie said...

Awww how fun is that? Looks like she had so much fun!