Saturday, October 27, 2012

| Monkey Brains |

what are "monkey brains," you ask?
well, they are more commonly known as hedge apples, or horse apples, around here...
 and B thinks they are pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread!
|it's a good thing there are more than a couple of these trees in town...|

as we finished up our golf cart run with Oz the other day,
she spotted them from the road, immediately pointed to them, and excitedly stated, "Apples!"
"Do you want to go see them?"

how can a momma say "no" to that?
i just love watching her little mind wonder and explore all of the things
that she loves in that moment.
i watched her pick up a couple, and trace each of their green, lumpy textures with her little fingers,
and i couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking...

it's amazing all of the simple things that we, as adults, don't take the time to notice anymore.
that's one of the many blessings that becoming a mommy has given to me.
i can study brynn as she experiences all of her "firsts,"
and relive them all over again... and that's pretty darn amazing.

we had plenty of time to spare,
so i let her wander around a little... and i took a little time to experiment with the light.

the sun was starting to set, and the lake made the perfect "autumn" setting...
we watched the ducks swim around the edges, looking for their dinner.
and B even pointed out the "moon" just above the tree line.

{hedge apple... 
and my very first manual photo posted on babyberry! i'm officially hooked.}

if there is one thing that blogging has given to me... 
it's the inspiration to be more creative in my life, as a mommy and as a woman. 
and also to have more patience with everything.
to stop, and appreciate all of the little things that i never had the time to notice before...

it's also helped me to redefine what the "perfect mom" really is to ME.
it's not the mom whose children are perfectly well-behaved, or always clean and well-dressed.
or the mom who looks like she has her whole life perfectly put-together.
or the mom who has her children potty-trained and reciting letters and numbers in record time.

it IS the mom that takes the time to teach her children life's lessons, and instill in them all of the morals and values that make them better people...
to teach kindness, and courage to stand up for what they believe is right...
to help them to understand that life is so very precious,
and filling it with material things is no where near as important as filling it with people who genuinely care for you.

those three things have been more of a blessing to me than many people will ever know.

happy weekend!


Katie said...

Great pictures! It really is so amazing watching them explore the world. You and B always look like you're having SO much fun together and I think you are the perfect momma! :) Have a great weekend!

Lauren said...

Love everything about this post :) I find I am so proud of my kids when they first do something whether they are the first or last of the kids in their age group to do it. I think this second time around especially I'm taking the time to just enjoy all the little things and it's wonderful!

Natalie said...

Seriously...these photos are unbelievable! I love B in that hat!