Monday, August 13, 2012

Toddler Bed Saga: The First 24{hrs}

Some of you who follow my INSTAGRAMS may have already caught a glimpse of this photo from yesterday.

That's right.
It finally happened.

Mark this day as the first time our convertible crib was converted...
And the day we totally transform it into a full bed, I think I might cry.

The truth is, I've been playing around with the idea in my head for over a month now.
I saw that Lauren's B (who was born the same week as our B) accomplished this feat months ago.
Truth be known, I was hoping to hold off until we had a place of our own... But that just isn't going to happen anytime soon. REASONS BEING for another time and another post. (aka our "leasee" can't get it together, so we are debating whether or not to put the house back on the market. UGH.)
So, Sunday afternoon, I tossed out the idea to make the switch... and Allen was 100% up for the challenge! (and let's face it, I couldn't do it without him!)

Night #1:

Seriously, it couldn't have gone any better if we had been planning it for days.
There were a few times when she took advantage of her newly-founded independence, 
but overall, she dealt with it like any other bedtime.

Nap #1:

I had fully anticipated that naps were going to be our big challenge.
B is one of those, "there has to be no hope of escape before I surrender," kinda gals!
- like, in the carseat, in her crib, and most recently, in her stroller (strapped in, of course) -
And, being blissfully and dutifully sleep-trained for the last 22 months... She took that little slice of independence and RAN with it-- just like Momma knew she would. ;)

I tried everything I could possibly think of to keep her in bed... No dice.
So, after all hope was lost, I finally just let her play in her semi-dark room.

I think she enjoyed it even more knowing that she wasn't supposed to be doing it ;)
I wouldn't know where she gets that from.

This photo was taken a full two hours past our usual down time.
And the following video shows a glimpse of the delirium that ensued.

The Infamous Sleepytime "Achoo"

Night #2

We did our usual bedtime routine (starting a LOT earlier than usual). Mommy put all of her books and toys away, covered them up with a blanket- so that she couldn't physically see them, and then.... this.

KO'd at 5:30pm.
She literally passed out on my shoulder when I picked her up to take her into bed.

Goodnight, B!
Mommy will see you bright and early in the morning for ROUND #2.


Faith said...

So fun, hehe! What a milestone! Hope naps get better as the days go on :)

Our Pinteresting Family said...

Congrats! We did that about two months ago and I think I cried. It's been a little bit of a battle but she's stayed in the crib all night since...just takes us longer to be allowed to leave the room at first. Ha.

Katie said...

The video is cracking me up!! I know that Meyer would be the exact same way...maybe he will stay in his crib until he's 5! Good for you being brave enough to take the leap! She will catch on soon I'm sure and you will have your perfectly sleep trained little girl back:)

Hannah Hurley said...

My girlfriend is going through this right now...You are doing great!

Tiffany said...

Such a big moment! She looks so sweet sleeping there.

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

So glad you had a good experience! I have been debating doing this with our 18 month old because we have a new baby coming in January and I would love to not buy another crib. How old is B?