Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Favorite B-isms

B has been talking up a storm these days... 
It's seriously the best-- and funniest-- thing, as her parents, to listen to her interpretation of words and sounds. She always has us laughing... And we don't want to forget any of her infamous B-isms :)

For example.

lion = "wion... rrraaarrh"
giraffe = "d'raffe"
a stick = "sticky"
polar bear = "poyer"
ready, set, go = "Ret... GOOOO!"
bicycle = "bycle"
alligator = "croc croc" {thanks to Dora}
marshmellow = "meeyo"
pancake = "cakey"
cat = "cat, meowy, or keety"
stuck = "tuck"
bath = "baff"
fish = "pish or shish"
dolphin = "dolphy"
peacock = "pock"
bouncing = "bowning"
Ring Around the Rosie = "Ro- Roey"
{she can't get enough of it... see video below}

mermaid = "maid"
finger = "fingy"
please = "Pease, Pease... Gurl."
{the "gurl" was tagged on at the end as a result of us praising her with a "Good girl" after she said her pleases... I suppose she thought she'd go ahead and tell herself what a good girl she is... Every time.}

jumping = "yumping"
swimming = "wimming"
swinging = "winging"
backpack = "packback"
hungry = "hungy"
cooking = "cou-king"
banana = "manna"
shoes = "soos"
story = "toey"
blue = "beeou"
What are you doing? = "Mommy? Doing?"
and, of course, Arianna = "Anna"

They make the cutest little besties, don't they?

B introducing Little A to her morning Dora session... :)

I'm sure there are many more "B-isms" that I'm not remembering right now, but I'm so glad that I can remember most of them in this post for the future! She is learning and growing so much each day, I know that her little "interpretations" of words will be corrected in only a matter of time :(
Our baby is getting to be such a big girl.
And a special thanks to Daddy for helping me with this post :)



Blissfully Burton said...

soooo sweet!

Katie said...

I love all the baby-isms! Such a great idea to write them all down:)

Meagan said...

Love that you're writing them all down. I so wish I'd done that with Andrew. I went back and watched a few videos from when he was about 18 mos and I just died - he was such a baby!! :sniff:

Mikki said...

This post will be a treasure to you in ears to come. I wish I'd written my babies words down. I can only hope that video has captured some of them.

Thanks so much for joining Flock Together on 6/12 at Mom’s Best Nest . You're welcome to join in this week at 6 p.m. tonight!

Natalie said...

Awww this is so cute! I love listening to little one learning new's so cute.