Monday, July 16, 2012


happy monday!
here's a look at our insta-life lately.

1. Obsessed with trying on shoes... Sure, it's cute now- in about 10yrs, it probably won't be as fun
2. I hate to get into the habit of bringing her into our bed, but she leaves us no choice... :(
3. Our girly-girl loves jewelry!
4. Brushing hair... Another favorite activity:)
5. Eating lunch with all of her favorite animals!
6. Hugging/torturing our 16 yr-old cat... He was my 1st baby, so I make sure she's extra-gentle.
7. "Yumping" off of her "boat" at the pool. Little daredevil!
8. We found five baby bunnies under the deck at the pool... So cute!
9. B loved watching this one "hop"
10. My poor baby girl #teethingsucks. period.
11. A visit to STL on one of the hottest days EVER... GO REDBIRDS!
12. Princess Party at our house! Everyone is invited :)


Katie said...

She is too much fun!!! I still can't get over the middle picture...cutest EVER!

Texas Tanners said...

If only we were closer, B & Megan could have princess parties all day long. She has "punzel" connected to her at all times.

Niki said...

Hahaha I love the hugging/torturing the 16 year old cat! That's so sweet that she loves the kitty!!! I still do these things to my dog - I wake up in the morning, sing to her, give her big squeezes... and she just looks at me like she is NOT amused.

Found you through Monday Meet Up!

Natalie said...

She seriously looks so big in these pics!

Meagan said...

Love the face in the middle princess shot! But I'm sorry about the teeth. :( They're so awful! I hope it's over soon.

Kat said...

LOVE the instagram updates ;) peanut LOVES shoes right now too...and brushing hair.

Jenn said...

Hi there, i just came across your blog from the photo fun monday link up. can you share how you made the photo collage? i love it!

Savanah said...

aww I love the picture of her loving on the kitty :) That was so me when I was a baby.