Monday, July 23, 2012

Friends, Fun, and Florida

Oh, wow... Each time we visit, it seems harder and harder to pretend that I NEVER want to leave FL. :(

We had so much fun visiting my favorite people in FL... Auntie Anita and Auntie Roz!
And finally meeting our new favorite person, Miss Amelia!
The bad news is that I enjoyed myself entirely too much to come back with an abundance of photographic proof (especially of our short time with Anita), but I did manage to capture a few special moments while we were there!

It was also B's very first ride in an airplane... 
And here is video evidence to show how fabulous her experience was ;)
 {and also a few highlights from our trip, including the infamous MARGARITA DANCE}

   Mindy Gledhill-  "California"

We spent our first morning together taking a walk around their neighborhood farmer's market, which was amazing... And yet another reason we need to become their new neighbors ;)

 B had a blast on her first bounce house slide!

 After that, we went to the pool/splash park, and we had a TON of fun!

On Sunday, we spent a few hours at the beach... B remembered the ocean, but I don't think she remembered it being so loud and frightening ;) She was NOT a fan of the waves at first.

 She ended up being a Stage-3 Clinger on Grammy's legs...

my love.

 the mamas

 sweet baby amelia <3

 our sweet girl spent most of our beach time collecting seashells and clinging to either mommy or daddy... we loved every minute!

 ... and she eventually got used to the waves ...
 our last evening there, we took the morrow fam and MK out to dinner... 
but not before our first ALL GIRLS photo op. ;)


 with our MINI-MEs

 after dinner, we enjoyed a relaxing walk around the neighborhood... 
we may or may not have been house-hunting ;)

we just love this sweet little face!

thank you, morrow family for your amazing love and hospitality! 
we miss you already! :(



Roz said...

How beautiful!! I can't believe you already did this post!! We had such an amazing time!! We love and miss you guys sooooo much!!! The pictures are awesome, I'll be sure to share mine!! Now move to FL already! :)

Natalie said...

These are wonderful pictures! I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful time!

Katie said...

The video is so precious! What a great way of capturing B's first flight. It looks like you had a wonderful trip:)

Ms POSH said...

That sure brings back some memories!

Have a great WW

Pat said...

Wonderful photos. Love your blog. I am following you would you follow back. My new blog Topiary Rose.
I'm Pat