Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daddy's Surfer Girl

Okay, so she's not really surfing... But our B is turning into quite the little swimmer!
She is most certainly her father's daughter when it comes to this activity.
Daddy loves everything about being in the water... And B loves to share it with him. ;)
... and only him, I might add ...

She's not the biggest fan of "yumping" {jumping} or "wimming"{swimming} with anyone else except for her own personal hero... Daddy.

Mommy is just as excited to be able to put her former state-certified lifeguard training
to good use and teach our little swimmer the ropes this summer... And maybe Daddy can teach her how to surf when we head back down to FL next month :)

I hope you all are having just as much fun in the water as we are!!



Katie said...

Cutest little surfer girl EVER! I love how she only likes swimming with daddy...melt your heart:) We need to get our two little fish together sometime! Great video!

Ugochi said...

The smile is still on my face, it was so refreshing watching one cute little girl with the smile on her face. Great movie you made.
New follower from Flock Together.

Angela said...

Great video of your little one, thanks for sharing. I absolutely love those water wings, I just bought them for two little ones. Now following, and found you via 'Flock Together Blog Hop'.

Nicole Barry said...

I LOVE your blog design! Stopping by from the Flock Together Tuesday Hop :) Following you via GFC!

- Nicole @ http://meandthem00n.blogspot.com/

Meagan said...

So sweet!! My husband swam competitively all the way through college so he gets to hang out in the pool with our kiddos and I get to take the pictures. Ha! B looks so cute in her hat! :)

Kate said...

What an adorable video. Happy to see you and your family having a blast this summer. xoxo