Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have I Ever Told You?

Have I ever told you...

That I really love to garden. It has become an all-consuming obsession lately.

I've been to virtually every state in the country, thanks to the National Auctioneers Association's conventions.

I have what I consider an excellent sense of reading people and their intentions... 
I wish I would listen to it more often.

Sometimes, I deliberately don't tell people my last name when introducing myself.

I got my foot caught in an escalator in Kansas City when I was little. An escalator repair man who was on vacation saved my foot... And probably my life.

I have a huge scar on my leg from a bike accident when I was in grade school. 32 stitches later...
I'm still a klutz!
Both of my best girl friends live in Florida, and I'm such a slacker to only get down there maybe once a year.

I am a compulsive online shopper. My husband thinks I need help. I think I'm just bored.
{hey, you can get free shipping!! that costs less than gas... am I right?!}

I get my eyes from my mother, and my nose from my father.

I don't have many friends that are girls. I believe quality is more important than quantity.

My best friend in the entire world is my husband, and I would rather spend every. single. day. with him than have a million girlfriends.

I have a tendency to over-analyze everything during conversation, from tone of voice to a facial expression.

My husband and I met during finals week... At a bar. Oops.
{can't wait to explain that one to B...}

We met, had our first date, and introduced each other to the family all in the same week.

90% of my wardrobe is either navy blue, black, or beige.

I have a real issue with remembering to eat regular meals... Like, I totally forget to eat lunch most days.

 My husband swears that he doesn't want more children, but I would love to adopt a baby with special needs.

I really hate that people judge me now by who I was in high school, or by which high school I went to... Especially people who have never even left this area. C'mon people. Seriously? It's been over ten years.

I try really hard not to judge other moms, so I have a very frustrating intolerance for those moms that make really ignorant comments about situations involving other mothers.
That's right, you just poked Momma Bear!

I hate the whole concept of a "clique," especially in a working environment
...and I usually go out of my way to NOT be associated with one. {even if I like the people in it}

I despise the "pot-stirrer" type {you know, the people that try to get everyone else worked up over something that isn't any of their business?}... And I usually find it my own personal task to figure out why they are so unhappy that they have to do the things they do. It makes me feel better.
Then I can ignore their actions, because I feel sorry for them. Then I pray for them to find happiness.

I love staying at home with B, but I am dying to get back into pediatrics... I can't help it. I swallowed the blue pill.

I usually avoid controversy at all costs... Unless you poke Momma Bear.

I act a lot tougher than I really am.

I get really stressed out about being the "perfect" mother. I pretty much beat myself up for hours if I forget the simplest thing in B's diaper bag.

Allen and I can't go to bed angry at each other. We've tried... One of us always caves. 
Even if it's the middle of the night.

We were thisclose to moving to Jacksonville a few months ago. Seriously, thisclose.

We still haven't sold our house in Indy... I wonder if it's a sign that we should move back. 
Allen thinks I'm crazy.

I have major regrets about the friendships I left behind in Indy. Truthfully, it still hurts to talk to them because I miss them so much. :(

I could "blog surf" for hours sometimes. I love finding new blogs!

I stalk fashion blogs.

I am such a tomboy. I wish I could be more "girly"...

Every day, I find myself wishing that B and I will have one of those incredible Mother-Daughter relationships that make other people swoon. :)

 I really miss being "anonymous" in the grocery store.

I hate surprises. I always ruin them! :(

I HATE politics... Like, absolutely despise it!! I feel like it has become such a negative thing... I just hate trying to classify your beliefs into two categories. You're either this or that? Ummm, no thank you. I have more important things to worry about right now, like, raising a child who has an open mind!

I come from a family that is obsessed with politics, so there's probably going to be a lot of flack for that one. ;)

I'm not Catholic, but my husband and daughter are.

I was raised Methodist, what some people call "Catholic-Lite." I'm still trying to figure out the difference.

This was fun... And I really love how honest this blog post has turned out to be! You should try it!

Happy Tuesday! 


Tami said...

Awesome post girl! I learned so much about you in just a few sentences. The escalator thing freaked me out! Are you scared of them at all now? I would be! I found myself nodding in agreement to so many of the things you said- I definitely avoid confrontation if at all possible but I also hate "judgy" Moms. I don't understand why people think it's okay to judge others for their parenting decisions. We are all doing the best we can. And girl- don't beat yourself up. You are obviously a great Momma!

Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood said...

adorable post, and what a cute way to let people know more about you in short sentences! I love to garden too, my favorite time of day is when Gracie helps me water the flowers!

Jessica said...

First time visiting and it was great to learn so much about you in one post. I also had controversy and am Catholic-lite :). And? Your blog is gorgeous!

Katie said...

This is a great post! I learned so many things about you and see many similarities to myself. No wonder I love following you so much:)

Jessica said...

I love to garden as well! Thanks for linking up on Weekend Blog Walk. I hope you can join us again this week!

Jessica at @ Home Take 2

Natalie said...

I do love not knowing anyone at the store...is that bad? I rarely run into people I know and love it! Politics are negative in general...and the sad thing is between the two nothing is going to change or ever get done.

Roz said...

Happy to say that I knew most of these :) move to Jacksonville ASAP and lets make the FL trip happen twice a year!! Oh and did I mention...move to Jacksonville ASAP??
Your BFF in FL :)

Meagan said...

What a fun post! Your escalator story scares me to death! My good friend's grandmother got her long skirt caught in one once and was almost seriously injured. I also saw a little tiny girl - maybe 3? - come thisclose to falling off the top of one outside Nordstrom. Scary stuff!

Ah politics...I swear I can't watch the news anymore. It just depresses me.