Monday, April 30, 2012

The Princess and the Frog

Okay, so technically it's a toad.
{according to my know-everything-about-nature husband, "Jeff Corwin"}

The point is, this is B's first encounter with any type of amphibian... 
And we definitely had a lot of fun watching!


I think I jumped right along with her when the frog would hop away!!

Oh, what fun it is to laugh with my little munchkin! She is such a character.

Exhibit A:


She is always in such a hurry, she frequently needs to be reminded to "chew" her food... 
She can't be mocking me, right?! ;)


Stephanie McCall said...

so sweet! I would have jumped too :)

Lauren said...

Haha, such a brave little girl for touching the toad! Pretty sure mine would have looked at it and been like, "Well, mom, go ahead and touch it so I can watch". :)

Mine totally mocks me about chewing her food too. I'm always shocked that their bodies manage to digest their food to the extent it does considering they swollen things whole like snakes sometimes. Those rascals - never a dull moment!

Katie said...

I love the frog video, but the chewing one is cracking me up! What a sweet little ham!!! :)