Monday, April 9, 2012


B had the opportunity to participate in another egg hunt this weekend... This one went much better than the last! The best part was watching how much FUN she was having! She has grown up so much in these last few months :(

 Speaking of growing up... Miss Arianna was able to attend her very first egg hunt this year as well! {It was just right down the street from her house ;)}
Isn't she beautiful? :) Auntie Em might be a little biased, though.

 B had so much fun running around before the egg hunt started... She was excited to meet some new faces, and show off her egg-hunting basket :)

 Waiting with Uncle Andrew and Arianna

 B knew just what to do this time around... And she was so great about sharing! :)

 Miss Arianna picked up a single pink egg... ;) We all can't wait to see her running around next Easter!

 This big girl loves to hunt eggs!! :)

 Taste-testing and re-hydrating... A toddler's work is never done!

She attempted to open each egg before she even put it in her basket {I have no idea where she even learned to open them up... The only eggs she has hunted have been empty}, but after the hunt was over, it was her mission to get them open! Mommy wasn't going to let her eat most of her newly-found candy, but that didn't stop her from taste-testing it through the wrapper!

I hope you all had a very blessed Easter weekend!


Katie said...

Aww B looks so sweet hunting eggs, and trying to eat her candy through the wrapper...haha! It looks like she was totally into egg hunting. Meyer was another story! While most kids were busy gathering eggs, he was busy tinkering with the air conditioning unit! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter:) You're new niece is PRECIOUS!

Lauren said...

Haha mine likes to open eggs too so we're going to do our hunt with empty eggs - or animal crackers maybe. It was so gross here this weekend that we're postponing our hunt until next weekend. Hopefully our B has as much fun as yours did!

It's so crazy to think about how different last Easter was compared to this Easter, isn't it?

Blissfully Burton said...

oh my! the niece is beautiful! and little B looks JUST LIKE YOU!

Natalie said...

Awww she looks like she had so much fun! Nolan loves opening them too!

Sunny Vanilla said...

My daughter is 20 months and this year's Easter egg hunt was a lot more fun than last years :-) Love your adorable photos. I found you over at Joy in the Jumble blog hop and now I'm happily following your blog.
Hope you come by and check me out too.
Take care,