Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sixteen Months

B is 16, going on 17...  
Our baby is getting so BIG!

This time last year, you had just learned to roll over and sleep on your belly {which was a complete detriment to your PICU-working Mommy's mental health at the time}... And you decided that you preferred your thumb to your pacifier.

B @ 4 months

We are also approaching the 1 year anniversary of our move
from Indianapolis to New Harmony!

Just look at how big our girl is now...

 "How much longer are you going to make me do this, Mom?"

 Showing off all of my teeth! There are TEN now, counting my two bottom molars!

 Even though you are cutting teeth like crazy, you are still our sweet, smiley girl!

     "Here you go, Mom... I'm done with this bow-thing"
B, you are still quite the busy girl... And you don't hesitate to tell us exactly what you want these days!
  • Your vocabulary is gaining at least one new word almost every day... There are too many to list anymore! Your favorite word lately has been "more" when asking for food... Especially if it is some of Mommy's morning Nutella toast :)
  • You love to repeat words that Mommy uses frequently, especially "No! No! No!"
  • You have started calling me, "Mom" instead of "Mama," which makes me a little sad... But it's adorable to hear you yell it from your crib, to let me know you are awake and ready to get up!
  • You love to boss the Ozzie-dog around... When Mommy gets frustrated with his attention-seeking tactics, you always like to "help" by telling him "No-no, Pup!"
  • Your favorite things at this moment are Tinker Bell, animals, magnets, playing "Boo" {your own version of peek-a-boo where you run up and yell "boo"}, reading books, climbing up and down and all-around, and finding trouble-- which isn't hard to do in this 100 year-old house!

I keep telling everyone that this is a very fun age, which is very true! I love all of our adventures together!
I don't know how it's possible, but Daddy and I love you more every single day...

Happy 16 Months!


Lauren said...

Happy 16 months, B!

It really is such a fun fun age!! I know it will just keep getting better but lately I've just wanted to freeze time and really enjoy NOW. I don't know about you, but the first year I kept thinking "Oh I can't wait until B crawls, I can't wait until B walks, I can't wait..." and now I'm just so happy in the now. I know it could be a combination of things, and the first year is so rough, but I think I've just become so appreciative of how precious this time is.

Enjoy your time with your little (but getting big way too quickly) B :)

Katie said...

Happy 16 months B! You just get cuter and cuter with each passing month. They ARE just SO much fun at this age...and so much trouble too!

Natalie said...

Wow Happy 16 months! I love her big smile with all 10 teeth! That is how many Nolan has too!

Joeylee said...

Happy 16 months B! She is getting so big! They are a lot of fun at this age but I agree with Katie they can be trouble too! LOL She is to cute