Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day!

The first snow of winter has fallen...
In celebration (although, Mommy never likes to celebrate yucky snow), 
we got the snowsuits out and decided to dive right in! :)

At first, B wasn't quite sure what to do... Especially since she was bundled up like Randy from "A Christmas Story." So, I decided to take off one of her mittens so she could get the full experience!

Just like any toddler, she immediately reached out to grab a handful... And it went straight to her mouth!
 "What IS this stuff?"

"Yeah... Not so much!"

When it didn't pass the taste test, she decided that it was time to go back inside... 
She walked straight to the door, like, "Come on, Mommy... Let's go find something fun to do!"

On to the next toddler adventure!


Joeylee said...

Hehe how funny
She's gotten so big

Natalie said...

Ha ha...she's like why is it so cold?!

Lauren said...

Haha I am totally hoping mine does the same thing on our first snow day... I prefer looking out at it from the couch, under a blanket, where it's not at all cold :)