Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

All I wanted for Christmas this year was to enjoy time with family, with it being the first Christmas we have celebrated living close to everyone again...

{I was so grateful that we didn't have to travel a grand total of 7 hours in the car this year!!}

Our Christmas lights

We definitely got the full dose of spending time with everyone... I am still completely exhausted!!
Next year, we may not do as much so that we can enjoy our time together a little more.
Unfortunately, I didn't get many photos with all of the chaos of trying to wrangle B while unwrapping presents, eating, etc... 
She was definitely not one to understand the "unwrapping" process this year! It was more like, "Okay, Mom... Just get it done and show me what it is so that I can decide if I want to play with it while doing 1000 laps around the living room."
Here is the only photo that I was able to capture of her and Daddy at Grandma and Grandpa Weinzapfel's house on Christmas Eve!

Thanks to Uncle Andrew, I was able to capture a few more photos at Grammy and Paw-Paw's house of the whole fam singing "Jingle Bells," with Grammy and Miles at the piano :)

Miles had so much fun entertaining us with his own version!
Too cute!

We all had so much fun, we completely forgot to take a photo with our matching pajamas this year!! Oh well, there's always next year :)

 Finally, it was off to our house to get ready for Santa Claus.
B had absolutely no problem going to bed... She was so exhausted after a full day!
{We even had to skip out on church services this year, because there was absolutely no way I could take this cranky toddler to 10pm services!! We read the "Christmas Story" to her, and down she went!}

Santa Claus definitely came to our house! :)
{and he even set up her castle tent from Grandma and Grandpa Weinzapfel!}

As a matter of fact, she was so exhausted that she was NOT into the idea of getting up to see what Santa had left for her that next morning... She literally rolled away from us and snuggled her blankie!

After we finally convinced her out of bed, she was a little confused, but it didn't take long to get the idea that something was a little different in the living room!

Christmas day was much easier without driving all over the place... And B finally got the hang of things, and started to help open her presents! But she was still as busy as ever!!

Here is our busy, busy girl in action!

{riding her favorite horse at Grammy and Paw-Paw's}

"Let's go, Daddy!"

B just loves her Aunt Man-Man and "Yea-Yea" (aka Lacy)
... and yes, Allen and I love for her to use her cute little names for them!
It's so silly to believe that she could develop a speech impediment from using them... LOL! :)

B loves her Little People Zoo from Uncle Andrew and Aunt Amanda :)

We had such a fantastic Christmas this year... Being with family is the reason that we moved, so we definitely enjoyed all of the quality time we were able to spend with them!

I can definitely say that I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas this year...
It is such a gift to celebrate the birth of our Savior with the people you love the most!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas with your families too :)


Joeylee said...

Looks like you had an amazing Christmas. Keira wasn't interested in opening either she wanted the gift after. Brynns Xmas outfit was too cute!

Andrea said...

Okay, I have a few things I'll just list =)

1. Your Christmas lights are beautiful.

2. I am loving B's dress, too cute!

3. We went to church Sunday morning, but I stood in the foyer the entire time with my 10 month old crawling all over the floor and getting her pretty dress dirty because she had a meltdown in the service, so I totally relate to staying home =)

4. Love the tent, we bought our niece the same one

5. I am loving your verse of the day on your side bar =)

6. Let me know how B likes her little people set! Gracie's b-day is in 2 months and I think she will love it, but I want real reviews.

Sorry, this is the longest comment in history. Glad y'all had a great Christmas! ~Andrea @ Life in Dawleywood

Texas Tanners said...

Looks like y'all had an amazing Christmas! Her Christmas dress was too cute. I was looking for your email earlier today but didn't find it and wanted to see if you might want all Megan's Christmas clothes from this year for sweet B for next year? It's all 2T and some stuff she didn't even wear. We have her gorgeous smocked dress {which my be more of a southern thing} and cute outfit from Mis-tee-v-us plus a couple more Christmas shirts and 3 Christmas jammies that I don't want to go to waste. If interested I would be happy to mail them your way, if not....no worries.

Katie said...

It's just crazy how similar our busy little bees are! Meyer was the same way on Christmas morning. We had to wake him up and I'm pretty sure he was thinking..."get out of my room guys". I think you captured lots of great photos, and I'm absolutely in love with B's little Christmas dress. I'm glad you all had a wonderful Christmas so close to all of your family!

Lauren said...

That's SO great you got to spend so much time with family!! It really is exhausting, but very worth it :) I think that's the only thing that would have made our Christmas better.

I feel like B's hair is getting so much longer!! She is cute as can be!

Natalie said...

I love LOVE Brynn's dress with her initials! So cute! She looks like she had an awesome Christmas. Santa got Nolan a tunnel that can connect to a tent so we'll get him one in the future. I bet she loves her princess castle tent!