Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Loves

I am so excited to be linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesday and Oh, How Pinteresting this week...
I have truly missed all of the fun email convos with all of my bloggy friends! :)

So, here are some of the Pins I'm {loving} recently... 

Favorite Holiday Pins:

DIY Burlap Tree Skirt

I am SO obsessed with these burlap stockings...
Which makes me even more desperate to learn to sew!

Definitely doing this one with B! 
Eventually, her little baby feet will be displayed for every season... :)

Candy Cane Window Treatments

So many lonely chandeliers in our house! :)

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

HE has come...

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Wishing there was a tutorial for this poinsettia wreath...
I'm sure it requires sewing- BOOOO!
{maybe Santa will leave me a sewing machine under the tree this year?} 

Favorite Fashion Pins:

I'm currently rummaging through our old sweaters 
so I can re-purpose them into legwarmers ;) YEA!

Cute and comfy for Christmas morning :)

The perfect Christmas party dress...

Kate Spade Earrings... just. LOVE.

And a trusty pair of Frye boots :)

{a couple of my most recent crafts that I'm lovin'}

 Vintage Sheet Music Candle
I printed the sheet music to "O, Tannenbaum" onto tissue paper, then used my blow dryer to apply it to a dollar store candle... And of course, added a little holiday ribbon! Voila.

B's Toy Box {so far...}
It still needs another coat of paint, then I'm using the poly-whey finish on the top, and over the decal that will go on the side!! I'm so ready to get it finished!!

I'm {loving} that we get to spend some quality family time together this weekend... And get a few family photos snapped for our Christmas card! :)

I'm {loving} that we officially hear the pitter patter of little feet running through this old house...
I can just feel my Mawsie smiling down on us.
 ...And B has wasted no time recruiting Oz to help leave surprises for Mommy! :)

Most of all, I'm {loving} my hubby, my sweet little B, and the Ozzie-dog...

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday!
God Bless.


Kristina said...

I love the leg warmers!!! I want to make that yarn wreath this season!

daphne {flip flops and pearls} said...

Good Morning Emily, I am your newest Pinterest follower coming to you via TVA:)

Great pins.... I love the tree skirt- must pin!!

Your daughter is precious-
I hope you have a blessed & safe Thanksgiving!!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I'm obsessed with all of these! And I'm going to re-pin that burlap tree skirt asap!

Texas Tanners said...

Aw yay I have missed your Wednesday posts! That family picture at the end is gorgeous and makes me oh so jealous that Texas has no clue what fall is. Those leaves....I die! :-) loving your loves this week and praying you and the fam have a blessed Thanksgiving. Our bloggy friendship is one thing I am super thankful for!! XXOO!

Liz @ said...

i love B's ear warmers! that picture is so cute! the toy box looks good!!!

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, that pic of Brynn with the dog is adorable! Partners in crime! ;)

Love all the pins Emily! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

I am loving that burlap tree skirt!! So classic - I feel like I could have that under my tree forever! The leg warmers are too cute - I really want a pair! Have a wonderful thanksgiving! xoxo

Natalie said...

Awww loving the last pic! I'm sure it's so weird to hear pitter patter steps coming throughout the house! Those PJ's and Christmas dress are awesome. Happy Thanksgiving!

Carroll said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Daphne's link up. These Christmas pins are adorable! I love the burlap stockings and white wreath!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

That family photo is super cute! And now I'm def in the Christmas spirit after these awesome pins :)

pre workout supplement said...

You have a great family photos.. Thank you for sharing it!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE those earrings and that Christmas pj set!

New follower :)