Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1 year, 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day...

Things have been pretty hectic for us lately,
so I never got a chance to post B's 12th or 13th month photos! :)

Well... HERE SHE IS!
She is officially 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day old today...

At her 12-month appointment, she tipped the scales at 20lbs (31st  percentile), and measured 30.5inches (89th percentile)... Long and lean is still what we're hearing :)

B, you have been such an amazing little toddler!
  • You are the best eater that parents could ever ask for... As long as we're serving up the finger foods!
You treat broccoli like a dessert, and if you like the taste of something, you give us a very dramatic "Mmmmmm!"
  • You are so independent, you refuse almost anything from a baby spoon... Unless it's sweet!
  • You are such a chatty girl... Your vocabulary gains new words every day! You try to mimic every sound and word that you hear, like a little sponge! :)
  • Your favorite activities include playing impromptu games of "peek-a-boo," making people laugh (and laughing with them), playing shy to male strangers, testing Mommy's patience, and hugging on all of the people you love!
  • You have taken 3-4 steps at a time by yourself-- usually while trying to keep up with Miles-Man, but you refuse to walk without clinging to someone's finger (or your cart)... Mommy is starting to think that you're afraid to fail, so you are just practicing so you can get it perfect when you finally start taking off! The fact that you practically RUN with your cart only solidifies this suspicion. :) 
  •  Your pointing finger is always hard at work... You love pointing things out and saying their name or what they are (if you know). 
  • You are such a busy, busy little girl... Sometimes Mommy goes to bed completely worn out from chasing you around all day. Thankfully, you have caught on to the counting-method... The funny part is that you only let Mommy get to "two" before you stop doing what you're not supposed to be doing... And then after Mommy stops, you get up and do it again... So, Mommy has to start counting all over again :) You have to love being out-smarted by your toddler!
Source: via Emily on Pinterest

We love you, Brynn!


Liz @ said...

so sweet. she's so smiley!!!

jessica dukes said...

i am a new follower, love your blog and your sweet girl is presh!

Lauren said...

Awww, our Bs would totally bond over a meal of broccoli together - mine LOVES the stuff too :) That and the mashed potatoes, oh man!

Our girls are almost identical in build too. My B was 19lb and 30.5in at her one year appt. Everyone always comments on how small she is... even though she's pretty tall. I think she's just perfect how she is, and I think your B is too :)

So excited for you guys and the day your little B just starts RUNNING on her own. No going back then :)

Natalie said...

What already 13 months? Geez wish these kids would slow down! I need to update Nolan's 12 month stats behind! Happy 13 months to your happy little girl!