Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guest Post by Liz at The Quick Journey

I am so excited to have Liz from The Quick Journey here on BabyBerry to post about her latest DIY tutorial. She is also featuring my "Earring Frame" project over at her place... So, check it out if you have some time!

Liz and I have become quick and dear blog friends, and I'm sure after reading her post you will know why! She is just so sweet and kindhearted, and her blog just radiates with a contagious happiness... We are both Midwestern girls with a great love for our families, DIY projects, and our good and gracious LORD, so I am very glad to have found her as a blog friend... Take it away, Liz!

Hey all you BabyBerry friends!  I am Liz, from The Quick Journey.  Emily is my first real bloggy friend and I am super excited to be here today.  

This is me and my hubby.  He's pretty sweet and I am happy I get to walk through life with him.
I get to start every morning with kisses and smiles from two of the most precious little ones anywhere.  Ella is my sweet (almost) 4 year old, and Liam is my wild 1 1/2 year old.  

I am a total imposter in the DIY world, but I snuck in somehow, and I'm loving every minute of it. 
My blog is full of posts on fashion, awesome Before & Aftersfaithfood, and family

I also make the occasional headband, or two.  

You can take a peek at my Etsy Shop- Paisley or Polkadots

Now that you know a little about me, let's get to the DIY:  Map art, PEOPLE!!!!

I am insanely in love with all the map art I've seen out there.  I love how it adds color, and earthiness,  to a room.  So, I decided earlier this summer that I needed some for myself.  In walks exhibit A:

A picture that my hubby bought me back when we were newlyweds.  It has traveled from home, to home, with us and graced the walls of our hall bathrooms.  I decided to ditch the daisies earlier this year and do something different, so I had this frame just collecting dust in our very tidy dusty basement.

I tore it apart, which is pretty self-explanatory.  You flip it over and take it apart. 
Then I spray painted the frame white.

I took the cardboard that was holding the daisies in the frame and wrapped the map around the cardboard. 
The map, by the way, cost me $0.01 on  I did have to pay a small shipping fee, but come on... one penny?!?! 

I then put the map into the frame and secured it with the already there staples.

It hangs in our foyer and greets all who enter.  Hello, world...

What do you think???  Map art is the coolest!
Thank you again, Emily, for letting me crash here on BabyBerry!!!

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Marnie said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
x Marnie

katie said...

I am a huge sucker for maps. Love this project!

Lauren said...

I love the idea of repurposing frames and old art work! I've seen it too where people use the old painting/print as a form and paint over it in cool colors for more of a interpretive piece. So many possibilities, but I do love map art :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

what a great job on the map art it is so cute!