Monday, October 31, 2011

Gender Reveal Fun!

This past Saturday night, we were so blessed to be able to attend a special party in honor of Andrew and Amanda, and of course Baby Wilson... 

They found out the gender of the baby together during the ultrasound a few weeks ago and wanted to do something special to share it with everyone! So, they planned a very intimate reveal party for the Coleman and Wilson families... However, since both sets of future grandparents had vacation/travel plans, we had to put it off for a couple of weeks :( But it was so fun to welcome Grammy and Paw-Paw home from their trip AND find out if we were having a niece or a nephew in the very same night!

We started off at Grammy and Paw-Paw's house, where Miles and Brynn got a chance to play with their new toys that G and P brought back for them :)... And of course, B loves her "kitty-kitty" time!

Miles and Brynn LOVED their Blue Angels gear :)

 ...And they just love each other in general ;) B thinks that Miles hung the moon... 
He hug/tackled her a few times, and she loved every second of it! :)

 Then we were off to Auntie Amanda and Uncle Andrew's house for the big REVEAL! :)

 B is always excited to see her favorite person in the world... Auntie Amanda! :)
But even that isn't enough to hold her in one spot for more than 0.0001 milliseconds!

 Her new favorite word... "Down."

 We all wore pink or blue, depending on what we thought Baby Wilson was going to be... 

B and Mommy wore pink, while Daddy wore his blue (he claims to not own any pink... Ha!)
 Daddy in blue and Miss B in pink...
But who has it right?!

 {B heading off to find her beloved Miles-Man}

 Group photos are definitely not easy... If not all-together impossible with two toddlers. :)

 So, is it a boy or girl?! 
We were so excited to find out... And to check out Baby Wilson's new gear!
They are definitely going to travel in style :)

We made sure everyone cast their vote... 

Lacy {aka "Yay-Yay"} and Uncle Aaron were some of the last to make it official :)

 We got to see Baby Wilson in action too, which made us even MORE excited for the reveal!

 ...And then B decided to have a little meltdown. :( So we had to speed things up a little.

 One last look at the chalkboard...
And a few instructions with the cake balls from Mommy Amanda and Baby Wilson

 ... IT'S A GIRL!!!

 Unfortunately, I didn't get a shot of the pink cake balls... Partly because I was jumping up and down with excitement, and partly due to the fact that B was in full-on meltdown mode. :( 
We had to leave shortly after to take our tired girl home to bed!

But not before I caught this special moment...
Mommy Amanda and Grandmas Paula and Pat got to look at more detailed photos of the pretty princess! :)

We are so very thrilled, excited, and blessed that we get to welcome another baby girl to the Wilson family... :) And we are SO happy for Mommy Amanda and Daddy Andrew!!

We definitely cannot wait for March, so we can meet that beautiful little girl!


Liz @ said...

first of all... i thought you were maybe having a reveal party. :) shucks. then, i was almost unable to read everything b/c i wanted to know the sex of the baby... i don't even know them! haha

also, my kids call my sister "yay-yay." isn't that funny?

Natalie said...

Awww what a fun way to share the news! Looks like you guys had so much fun---even with the meltdown :)

Lauren said...

So exciting!! I'm totally wanting to do a gender reveal party the 2nd time around... I just don't know if I can keep my big mouth shut long enough =X

Magan said...

Such a cute idea! Love the gender reveal party!!