Friday, October 7, 2011

Funniest Baby B Video Award

In celebration of our first year of being parents... And, of course, of our little drama mama's first year of life, we decided to take a look back at the massive collection of videos of our precious girl!

Here are a few that still have us laughing...

"Tummy Time" - almost 2 months
{Yes, Oz is on the verge of a meltdown... and, yes, he was still medicated. It looks like he's saying, "I hate her... I just HATE her... What's so special about her?" }

"A Very Biased Bedtime Story" - 2 months
{Daddy has high expectations for his little girl...}

"My Conversations with Daddy" - 3 months
{Oh, the hilarity of a father who thinks his 3 month old is a genius :)}

"Our Little Drama Mama" - 4 months
{a little overtired, but still has the sense of humor to put on a show... she gets this from her daddy}

"The I-Found-My-Tongue Phase" - 5 months {After the Big Move}
{I can't remember how long this phase lasted, but we got 3-4 videos of her doing this...}

"The Infamous Screech Owl Phase" - 6 months
{the "Screech Owl" is long-gone, thankfully... However, she has learned that "screaming" is just as fun-- Especially at the mall, while Mommy has her hand over her mouth, with people looking at us like we're crazy...}

"The Honest Taste-Tester" - 8 months
{FYI: Peas do not taste good, no matter what you try to mask them with... I still taste them!}

"Watch-Me-Bust-This-Move" - 10 months

Our little girl has definitely given us some funny moments!! I can't wait to show a few of these at her graduation party... I'm sure there will be more to come! :) Oh, the advantages of being a parent with a video camera!

We definitely have our favorites... Which one is yours? :)

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