Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy 2 Years, Miles Man! :)

Tonight we celebrated our nephew, Miles' 2nd birthday with our family!!
His birthday is September 23rd, but we all just couldn't wait to watch him open his presents!! As you can see, the party had a theme... Miles obviously loves "Cars," and his Daddy didn't disappoint. :)

 {showing Grammy and his Daddy his new Lightning McQueen from his cake}

 {blowing out candles with Daddy}

 {kisses for Auntie Amanda}

And then it was time for the grand finale... Daddy showed him the way to his BIG gift.


 B just loved watching him cruise around... And Miles was more than ready for a co-pilot!
He even took shotgun so B could test it out!!

{they just love each other so much... it's too cute!!}

 Showing Uncle Andrew his new ride...

Overall, I think he was pretty happy with his newest Lightning McQueen.

We just love the Miles-Man so much, and love all of the time we get to spend with him even more!! :)
We can't wait to enjoy Kunstfest this weekend with the the kiddos... And probably Lightning too!


Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, so cute!!! :)

katie said...

So, so cute! I love the car! He looks so happy.

Anonymous said...

aww he looked so excited to get his car, so adorable! love that picture of him & B giving each other a kiss, adorable!

Sweet N Sassy Girls

Lauren said...

I love how he is immediately checking out every inch of the car - what a cute little guy! And a gentleman to boot, letting B go for a spin ;)

Kate said...

Happy birthday, Miles! He looks SO happy! xoxo