Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY Pumpkin Inspiration

I recently came across some inspirational ideas for DIY pumpkins that are super easy, and I wanted to share!

{Left photo} Basket pumpkin 
I snapped this photo at a booth at Kunstfest because I knew this was my next project...

{Right photo} Dryer vent pumpkin
I found this idea on Pinterest and have been planning to replicate it for some time...

I have already started on the basket pumpkins. I had Allen pick up some mums for our front porch {which I was able to add a little color to}, and I used the baskets that the large mums were in for this project.
This will make them a little smaller than the one in the photo, but I thought, "Hey, these are free."
I picked up some acrylic paint in Harvest Orange and green, and also a black Sharpie paint pen for the face.

After the first coat of Harvest Orange

As for the dryer vent pumpkin, I can't wait to get that started soon :)

I am also loving this idea for pumpkin decor, but it just may have to wait until next year!

I am also very excited to use my new burlap Halloween banner from funkyshique

For Kunstfest, I made this mini German flag banner to hang on our wreath...

 And here is a photo of our front porch so far...

I have so many more plans and projects to add before Halloween, which probably makes Allen gasp for air... But I'm having fun!!

Only two more weeks before the big birthday party!! :) I have a few projects left to do for that, but I am not stressed at all anymore!

I hope you are inspired for your own DIY pumpkin decor! Have a lovely week!


Catherine said...

what great ideas! i love them.

Life With Lauren said...

Everything looks great! I will be giving hubby my list for stuff I need to make them both!

Summer said...

Love it all, such great ideas!

Kristen said...

It all looks great! :)

stephanie said...

so cute! i found a pumpkin cake using two bundts iced together. love me some pinterest!