Sunday, August 21, 2011

To London and Back...

B's Uncle Andrew came home from his visit to London today!!
He was there for a week, visiting the Nierengartens and the adorable Baby Grace... :) 
{Kate has a blog, and she's been documenting all of their London adventures with Grace!} 

Uncle Andrew was SO nice to bring back some souvenirs for B and Miles!
B now has her own little Paddington collection!
Thanks Uncle Andrew! :) We love you!

{Check out Kate's post on Paddington}

As for other news, B has cut both of her front teeth this past week... She now has FIVE teeth! She has also turned into quite the little mockingbird! She repeats almost everything that she hears and sees...
And her lovely comedic talents {which she inherited from Daddy} are definitely starting to show! She definitely loves to entertain a room. ;) Or just Mommy.


katie said...

So cute. 5 teeth! I hope they came in easily. That can be rough.

Lauren said...

Wow, my B has yet to cut any teeth... I'm thinking any day now, but who knows. 5 is impressive!