Wednesday, August 10, 2011

almost Wordless Wednesday

I'm linking-up with jenni{from the}blog today for a little Wordless Wednesday fun!
{Unfortunately, I decided to help out at work this week and I'm working 3 night-shifts in a row... Blah!}
So, Wordless works for me! Plus, her blog is just too cute... AND, she has a sweet little Brynn of her own! :)

{B's first boo-boo}

Granted, it was only temporary and went away quickly.. But I have a feeling this girl is going to be just as klutzy as her momma. :(
Oh, AND she's cutting her first top central incisor, so it's been a lovely week... Poor baby!

I know I've already said too many words to make this "wordless," but I also want to thank Kristen @ Joyful Ramblings for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award! SO sweet!
I will try to pull myself out of bed to blog about that soon! Thanks Kristen!


Natalie said...

I have a feeling the boo-boos are going to be more and more for both of us!

Texas Tanners said...

3 night shifts in a row? You are super mom! Hang in there!!