Friday, July 15, 2011

A Total "Poop"tastrophe

What is up with 9 month-olds and issues with #2?
Good gracious!
I have been researching it all morning, and it seems that most inquiring was being done by fellow moms of teething 9 month-olds! Coincidence? I think not...

I just had the most horrific experience and I have to share it... If only to warn all of you other mommies about the dangers of messing with babies and the dreaded #2!! I must say that it is NOT for the faint-hearted, so please stop reading if you are easily grossed-out!

{On a side note, I worked in a PICU for almost 4 years (i.e. babies on antibiotics = FOUL), but I am a respiratory therapist... and dealing with #2 is EXACTLY why I became a respiratory therapist!!}

Hopefully you all will learn from my mistakes in this story...

So here goes.
B has been attempting to break her top central incisors this week {I know, it seems like she JUST broke her bottom incisors}... And just like last time she broke some teeth, she has the most horrible diaper rash!! So, of course, I decided to let her do a little "free-style" this morning on her play-mat.
{if you can believe it, I thought, "It's no big deal... I can handle whatever she throws at me"}

Big mistake...
Wait, let me reiterate.


As I was grabbing some laundry in the other room, I came back in to find her crawling toward me... With a trail of #2 behind her! But it was not the "compact" type of #2 that we are used to. Think "mousse" {sorry, I know that is incredibly gross}.

So, I immediately went into "clean-up mode" and wiped her down {dry-heaving all of the way through, because I do NOT do smelly poop}... Then proceeded to put her in her crib while I cleaned up the play-mat, and placed it into the washing machine.
Unfortunately, before I even made it back to the washing machine, I heard her crying in her nursery ...
Yep, that's right... This genius had not even thought to put a diaper on her before placing her in the crib!!!
In my defense, I only thought she would be in there for 2 minutes {in actuality, it was less than that}!
Well, let me tell you that 2 minutes is all it takes!

As I walked into the nursery to inquire whether or not my worst nightmare had come true... I was not surprised to find B, trying {unsuccessfully} to stand up in her smelly crib. If that's not horrifying enough, it then dawned on me that she was "slipping" on the mass amount of #2 that she had {successfully} smeared all over half of her crib sheet by trying to stand up!!!


I could have screamed... But I didn't.
I knew that I had gotten exactly what I deserved.

So, of course, Brynn's half-covered body {eww} was placed in the bathtub immediately, {transported with my arms as outstretched as they could possibly go} and after TWO "baths" and a date with the shower sprayer, I considered her "clean" enough to make her exit.

She was diapered and dressed, and ready to sit in her highchair with a toy while I attempted to clean up the now THREE smelly, contaminated rooms of our house {laundry room, nursery, and bathroom}!

Since then, her diapers have only increased in "liquidity."
Thankfully, we had some Pedialyte on hand in case of emergencies, and I immediately implemented the B.R.A.T. diet for her lunch.
{B-banana; R-rice; A-apples; T-toast}

Luckily, things have been going a little more smoothly since then, but we're still not back to normal.
No fever {thankfully} or any other sign of illness yet, but Mommy is obsessively on the look-out {she's only had her temperature taken 3 times this morning} so that we can call the doctor... Hopefully it doesn't come to that, and it's just teething issues, which I'm 99% sure that it is.

I'm sorry if I have grossed anyone out... I just hope that, by sharing my horror story, I have been able to save a least one other mommy from this tragic mistake!!

For crying-out-loud, diaper your child before you put them in their crib!!

As for me, I'm completely traumatized, but doing much better... I took a nice, long shower while B napped, and I am looking forward to NEVER taking on the dreaded #2 again.

{after all is said and done, she gave me a big smile}

Have a great day! :)
I'm hoping ours gets better as we go...


Natalie said...

Wow oh wow...that is a poop filled morning! I hope you feel better now that you aren't cleaning up poop. I would gag too!

Joeylee said...

wow is all I can say! I feel for ya, I had something like that happen with my first daughter and it was HORRIBLE!! Nothing like that with my 7.5 month old (knock on wood I dont!)
have a good weekend!

Kate said...

talk about a shitty morning

Lauren said...

Haha oh noooo... I had to go back to this after you linked it. We had very similar experiences around this time. HORRIBLE!!! I am just so so excited to go through this again with baby G. I hope you can just sense my excitement ;)