Friday, July 22, 2011

the sneaky third tooth...

Today was a day of F-U-N.

B woke up this morning and it looked like she had spent the night sleeping next to Freddy Krueger...
She had scratched up her right cheek/ear region from "digging" on her ear, so it seems.

Then came the runny nose and the sweaty, warmer temp (no fever, of course), and the swollen eyes...
She just wasn't her happy little self, either.

So I took my handy-dandy mini Mag-Lite and peeked in her little ears... The one ear had a LOT of discharge in it! More than I had ever seen. With that, Mommy decided it was time to pick up the phone and call Dr. Marx.
{who was booked solid - just Mommy's luck}
So, then we had to make an appointment with another doctor... At the downtown office.
{dun, dun, duuunnnn}
It was just about this time when I wanted to cry, because 6 months ago, I could have had a dozen pediatricians at hand with just a single phone call... :(
But I figured for an ear check-up, it really didn't matter. I knew it was probably teething issues (since she didn't have a fever, and she's due any day now for her top central incisors), but I was fairly convinced that if I waited to call the doctor, she would inevitably spike a temp and I would forever be kicking myself for not calling earlier...

So here we are now... obviously without an ear infection (per the doctor), and instead with a little dose of Benadryl and Tylenol on board. Ta-da! She is feeling more like herself.

And just as we are about to start our "Four Bs" {bath, bottle, and bed-- and Brynnie}... Daddy points out that he just saw her "new" tooth on top.
My response: "Wait, WHAT?!"

The child has been with me ALL DAY, and with Grammy (who happens to be a dental hygienist), and there was no notice of said tooth. So, of course... Mommy needs proof!

Daddy then proceeds to swing her upside down and dangle her from her feet, which got a big smile {and made Mommy's heart skip a beat, as usual}... And that little tooth was just a'shining!

Oh my good gracious!
{What was really going through my head was, "Oh my word, I am that Mom who just hauled my miserable child 30 minutes to the doctor because she cut a flippin' tooth!}

What really threw me off was that it was one of her lateral incisors... So, Tooth #3 (her very 1st top tooth) is officially here, and we are just rolling right along with the tooth production!

Of course, we have no photos or videos to show for it {because believe me, you don't want to see Miss B right now... She is miserable!} But we do have this fun story to remember this day forever... :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend... Ours can only get better!

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Texas Tanners said...

I can't even count how many times I have done this. In fact the receptionist at our pedi now asks symptoms and when I give her the run down she always throws in, "Mrs. Tanner did you check for new teeth"? Pretty sad huh? I am on of "those moms" at our Dr's office, but that is totally fine by me! So glad she is feeling better!