Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I'm Missing...

Yesterday, I posted about what I'm loving this week...
So, today I want to post about what I'm missing about Indianapolis!
{because there are a LOT of things}

#1- I miss my job at Riley. {obviously}
I miss the girls (and boys) I worked with soooo much!
{if you're reading this, I think about you guys ALL of the time-- pathetic, I know.}
I miss the sense of humor that we had to maintain for the environment we were always surrounded by...
I miss the inside jokes we had-- whenever something reminds me of them, I always giggle and want to tell someone else about it... But I know that they will never "get" it.
I miss how happy working with children made me.

#2- I miss our house.
Don't get me wrong, I love my grandparents' old house that we're renting right now,
but it seems like there is always something going wrong around here! HA!
Just last night, I was walking B to her nursery via the hallway... And I looked up to find this!!!

 Apparently, there has been a leak under the sink in the upstairs bathroom for who-knows-how-long!!
These fun little "surprises" just make me stop in my tracks and scream!!
{Thank goodness my husband is the son of a plumber and knows how to fix it}
We definitely never had to worry about these things in our old house in Indy...
But I know that with an old house, come old problems...

#3- I miss shopping.
Oh my goodness, I miss the shopping!!
I miss the malls, I miss the little stores, I miss the GROCERY!
Everything is a least a 25 minute drive from where I'm at right now...
And it doesn't even really compare. Ugh.
If I just want to drive down the street and pick up some face wash... No can do.
I really miss that, especially since shopping with an 8-month old isn't the most convenient thing to do!

#4- I miss being anonymous. (If only slightly...)
Where no one knows me, or my family, or my husband's family... or BOTH!
When I said my full name, it wasn't immediately followed by, "Are you related to so-and-so?"
Enough said.

#5- I miss having a million people around me who are my age.
Ahhhh, the ease of conversation... The similar interests.
Can't beat that with a stick!

#6- I miss doggy daycare.
Now, I love the Oz-Man... But he is driving me up a wall and back down it!!
I strive to acquire his happiness in every golf-cart ride and walk around town.
I just wish I could once again drop him off with Aunt B,  and have a day of peace occasionally... 
Without worrying about bathroom breaks and entertaining a JRT and a baby at the same time!

I know I am suffering from an acute case of longing for Big City life again...
But that is to be expected in this adjustment period to Small Town, USA.

I'm just going to treat it with a glass of wine and a pseudo "mental health" day! :)
I apologize for sounding a little too much like Elizabeth Gilbert or Frances Mayes... 

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