Monday, June 6, 2011

The 7-Year Sniff

Our first "baby" is growing up...

Our JRT Ozzie, aka "The Oz-Man," aka "The Big O"
is 7 years old today!

He's used to my antics, so he just rolls with it...

Oz has been with me through thick and thin... I love him as if he were my own child.
Through going with us {Allen and I} to college in Bloomington, to moving to Indianapolis with me, and back to Evansville (his birthplace), I know that Oz has made himself a huge part of our lives!
 Circa 2005
 Circa 2005
 2004 ~ 8 weeks old
 He captured my heart from the start...

And continues to entertain us to this day...

I know he believes himself to be human... I'm sure he is confused as to why he is covered in white hair. He knows Allen and I as "Dad" and "Mom," and responds to a wide vocabulary of other words, like
"golf cart ride"
"potty" or "outside"
"bath" {he hates this word}
"stinky" {another not-so-great word}
"go to your bed"
"Grandpa" {by far, his favorite word}
and many many more!
He has the most distinguished vocabulary of any dog I've ever met...
It's so true when they talk about JRTs being highly intelligent,
and anyone who has met Oz can testify to that!
We frequently find ourselves spelling things out around him...

I don't think our lives would be complete with our Oz-Man!!
Happy Birthday, little guy! I hope there are many more to come!

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