Monday, April 11, 2011

In Bloom

Mawsie's dogwood is officially in bloom!

I think it bloomed last week some time, but we have been so busy... 
I haven't had the time to keep track! :)

Over the weekend, we decided to have another "outdoor project" day at the house.
We brought out our pressure washer and got to work!
We started on Mawsie's gazebo (which has a lot more work to be done, i.e. sanding and repainting), then chose a few other places that needed a little love!

Allen really got into pressure-washing the siding...
I went inside to put Brynn down for a nap, and when I came back out
he was on the roof of the porch! Ha!

 He is fearless... I'm not sure whether I hope Brynn inherits this trait or not!

The house looks a lot better after a little wash-down, though... It was long overdue :)

We also got to spend a lot of time with our families this weekend!
Both of Brynn's Grandmas got to watch her over the weekend while I got some things accomplished! It was so nice to have them there for that support!
Brynn loved all the time she spent with them, and I know they loved it too!! :)

We took a golf cart ride last night around New Harmony with Grandma and Grandpa Wilson, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Andrew and Uncle Aaron... And even though it was past Brynn's bedtime, she had so much fun! She fell asleep on Grandma's lap. So adorable!
She is just such a peaceful little lady (well, everywhere except for church). I feel so blessed!

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