Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Mommy & Me!

My mom and I took Brynn shopping for the first time in Evansville yesterday... I just LOVE shopping for her! Plus we had to find a birthday present for Sophie Rose's 1st Birthday party this weekend!! 
I am so excited for her party!
So we were dressed up with no place to go (yet).
I remember one of my coworkers at Riley telling me about how she and her daughter were
watching Brynn's videos and looking at the photos that I posted of Brynn with Allen 
and asking, "But where is her Mommy?"
That kind of broke my heart... The rules are, you can't be in the photos if you are the one taking the photos! And I want Brynn to be able to look back and physically see her mom there with her occassionally!

So here is our photo session!

{I was concentrating on balancing her and taking the photo in this one}
These are my favorites!
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