Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Signs of Spring

It has been great to see some signs of Spring here in the last couple of days!

We have been pretty spoiled with the warm weather, but I think we are in for a few more cool days before it really starts to warm up!

Here are some photos I took from our yard this afternoon!

 I can't wait for Mawsie's Dogwood to bloom!!
I will absolutely post photos of that when it happens...

 Wagon ride with Miles-Man!
(Miles wasn't too happy in this photo-- he was ready for his nap)

Painting all of the shutters on the house!

It sounds very overwhelming to me, but it is something that is long overdue!
This particular project will take awhile, but I am excited to get it done!
I will post photos when I start and after I finish...

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