Saturday, January 1, 2011

Watch Me Grow... 3 Months Old! And a Happy New Year!

Just wanted to post some photos from the 3 month photo sesh :)
Brynn and Daddy rang in the new year at home-- Brynn was fast asleep in her crib during her very first "ball-drop," so Daddy had to kiss Oz at midnight! Haha! Only kidding...

In true Riley-fashion, I celebrated the beginning of 2011 at midnight with some sparkling grape juice in styrofoam cups!! I wouldn't have had it any other way... Some of my favorite people in the world were with me, and I know I only have a short time left with them! *tear* I'm doing my best not to cry at work these days. All of the feelings that you get when you absolutely love your job and adore the people you work with... The thought of leaving can be overwhelming sometimes. It is so endearing to hear people say that they don't want me to leave--- but so hard at the same time. I keep telling myself that it is for the best for my family... And I have to leave it in God's hands. I know there will always be a part of me that will remember my time at Riley, but watching my daughter grow up running around with her cousins, who are also her best friends in the world... That is something that I could never trade for anything! Here is to a great 2011!!

 Action Shot!

In other news, my grandmother was hospitalized with chest pains last night, and it was discovered that she suffered a heart attack. She had a heart cath done and stents were placed on one side, but they still have to go back in to do the other side later... Please, please, please keep her in your prayers this week. It's not a very good way to start the new year, but I am so thankful that she is okay. :)

 We love you, Grandma!!

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels

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