Sunday, January 30, 2011

Open House

We had our open house today, and by all accounts it went well... We are hoping that it will produce a couple of offers (possibly), and then we can stop stressing about keeping our home clean 24/7!! :) (amongst other things)

Cookies we made for our potential buyers :)
For baby's sake...
(p.s. can you see Oz laying down like a slug in the background of this photo? It's a tough life, let me tell you...)

My parents came to visit this weekend, thankfully... Because I was up for 16 hours from Thursday night to Friday afternoon!! It was so nice to have someone to watch Brynn while I actually rested!! Sleep training didn't go very well that night, and with Allen at work, I was Miss Brynn's only source for entertainment...
Without a doubt, one of the major perks of having family around is that there will always be help for the exhausted :) Which would be ME
Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Grandpa's late night feeding
Showing off our little Hoosier girl :)

Yes, she is already teething... Joy!

We only have 3 1/2 more weeks before the big move!! Just hoping we get an offer that we like in the next couple of weeks-- that would be a weight off our shoulders before we change our lives completely!

God Bless,
The Weinzapfels

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